June 15, 2010

Non Newtonian solid? Liquid?

We had a ball this weekend playing in our home made oobleck!  Or, if you're into scientific terminology, our non Newtonian solid.  We started down this path when we watched some cymatics videos of people putting oobleck on a speaker where it moved and danced like a sort of oobleck monster.  It was so cool!

So, of course, we had to learn more about this wonder mixture.  We went on to learn about what a non Newtonian solid is (it is, by the way, something that acts like a solid when its under pressure and like a liquid when it is not) and how to make our own.

It was horrible weather on Sunday, so Hannah Jane begged to have oobleck time of her own.  What better to do on a rainy summer day?  So we filled an old tupperware tub with 2 boxes of corn starch and half the measured amount of water.  Joe was on the phone with his mom while we got it started and when he came in, his reaction was too funny!  Poor Gramma Jamma got an ear full of, "Hey mom!  You've really got to do this!  It's amazing!"  I was surprised to see the the actual scientist get so excited about kitchen science!  That's why I love him!

Check out out video of Joe on the phone

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