June 10, 2010

Number puzzles for all levels!

The boys are still working on their numeral recognition while Hannah Jane is identifying odds and evens. I had an idea for making easy puzzles to help each of them with their current fields of study.

Inspired by a moon puzzle from the Early Learning at Home site (which is totally awesome and you have to go there if you have tot sized learners at home), I cut out a moon for Haven, a star for Hunter, and 2 hearts for Hannah Jane.

For Hunter I just drew the numbers one through six in a column from top to bottom and cut it into horizontal strips, each with one number on it.

I did the same for Haven with one through five.

Hannah Jane had one heart with odds and one with evens, each in ascending order.

I walked the boys through theirs together, asking each time which number came next. Assessing silently as they worked which numerals each of them were and were not recognizing.

For Hannah Jane, we practiced our skip counting a few times before she divided her pieces into piles of odds and evens based upon which numbers she did and sis not say while counting by 2's. Then she arranged each pile in order to find her hearts!

Each puzzle required multiple state math benchmarks and standards (I use the Tennessee benchmarks and standards because they are the ones I was trained with and they are easy to find) like numeral recognition, sorting, ordering, greater than and less than.

Can ya tell I've been on a scrap book paper jag? I hate scrap booking (okay, Hunter, hate is a strong word. Correction: I highly dislike scrap booking) but I adore the paper. I'm pretty sure that if I live a good life, I will go somewhere with lots and lots of paper when I die. Long words and colorfully printed paper as far as the eye can see!

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