June 28, 2010

A Pox Upon our House!

I woke up this morning and looked at Hunter's arm and thought to myself, Well, that's an awful lot of bug bites in one place on his arm.  Oh well, camping will do that, I suppose.  But then I lifted up his shirt to check his sunburn and his trunk was the texture of grits!  For those of you who have never lived in the south, it was the texture of...well...go look up grits because that's all I can think of!  I'm looking at it and suddenly I'm realizing that our friends missed music last week because one of their girls has the chicken pox, and although my kids have been vaccinated, there was this horrible situation where our doctor's office (and all of their affiliate offices) didn't store the vaccines at the right temperature and now thousands of kids have no idea whether their vaccines were effective or not.  My kids were among those thousands.  No good.  So, it's looking like chicken pox.

I know, it's not super easy to see, but that's the grits!  Ick!

I called the doc to ask about the whole vaccine mishap and to get a feel for what chicken pox can look like because this was not exactly what I was expecting, but it sounds like this is the opening stage.  He has a few clusters of erupted bumps around his elbow and some on his nose, but other than that just plain grits.  His cheeks are all textured and red.  It makes me itchy just to look at him!  If we had done real camping this weekend, I might assume poison oak, but we did KOA brand  hay ride and pool camping, so there was virtually no chance of exposure to poisonous plants. 

But at least he's young enough to seem okay with it thus far.  He's a trooper.  I mean look at that sweet little face!  He such an angel!  And I'm having trouble getting him to rest because he's such a little go getter!  But I assume in a day or two it will hit a little harder and he'll be down and resting.  Probably about the time I'm gettingm y wisdom teeth out on Friday.  Poor Joe will have his hands full between waking my every 4 hours for pain meds and dabbing Hunter-Roo with calamine lotion.  What a week we have to look forward to!

So, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  We're going to need them big time!

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