June 5, 2010

Salad Spinning Art

Who knew a salad spinner could be awesome fun if you just toss paint in it? I picked up a spinner at Wally World for under 3 bucks and we had a ball spinning perfectly cut circles of paper with drizzles of acrylic paint on them!



Hannah Jane's

The effect was delightful! Messiness! Little muscles churning the handle! The peep hole in the top so one onlooker at a time could peer in and yell, "Faster! Faster! It's working!" There was nothing not to love about spinning paint in a salad spinner except for being done.

We carefully blow dried the three pieces of crazy painting and stapled them together at the top. Each had one word of the phrase "Feel Better Jim" on it and the kids cheerfully hauled it to the hospital for our teenage friend Jim whose appendix burst either while he was at our house last week or just before. Poor fella!

What could be a better home made card then some, uh, modern art? Everyone get's stick people cards, but I'll bet Jimmi Bean was the only one in the joint to get a salad spinner card!

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