June 18, 2010

Where are your pants?

I'm in the midst of the chaos cluster right now, and don't have time for a reasonable blog post, but I thought I'd toss this out there because it is too accurate a glimpse of motherhood not to share!

Picture it.  It's that witching hour right before the husband is due home from work.  You know...the time you frantically pin back your hair, wash little faces, kick the discarded nick-knacks under the bed and out of view.  You're tidying and getting dinner ready for that Leave it to Beaver moment when you  hear, "Honey?  I'm home!" 

Well, I was a little behind.  I'm sure it had something to do with a captivating tutorial on sewing the perfect apron or dish towel (it usually does) and so I washed the little faces and marched them into the back yard so that mommy could have her panic hour in peace without 6 little hands working against her in the clean-up department. 

I'm whizzing around fluffing pillows and grabbing toy cars when a bright gleam in the corner of my eye catches my attention.  I grabbed the camera and realized that some things are more important than a clean floor for hubby.  Capturing this moment was one of those things. 

"Haven, where did you get the shovel?!?!  More importantly, where are your pants?!?!?"

"Mom, I just don't like pants anymore.  But I love this shovel!"

Have a great weekend, friends.  And don't lose your pants!

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