July 28, 2010

Art for all seasons

The boys are studying seasons this week as part of a super review we are doing of an on-line preschool project.  Stay tuned because we are in negotiations to see if we can get a free on-line preschool subscription for one of our readers!  Anyway, when we were done with our sample lesson and review, I came up with a fun little art project to help them remember what they had learned.  They loved it! 
I folded a piece of paper into fourths for each of the boys and sketched an outline of a tree across the whole thing.  Then I labeled each of the sections with a season.  They each had scissors to cut sappy green leaves, dark green leaves, orange leaves, and snow from construction paper and glue to add them to the tree in the correct season.
Bigger chunks of paper were easier for them to put in place than the little slivers.  I swirled the glue in the correct area, season by season and they placed the leaves.
Once our masterpieces were finished, we played a game where I would call out a season and they would point to that part of their tree.  They loved it and sort of competed against each other to be the fasted one to point.  Big fun on a small budget! 

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