July 16, 2010

Crazy Week for the Littles

Not much formal Preschool time was had this week.  Hannah Jane had summer camp, so the bulk of our days were spent dropping dad off at work, shuttling Hannah Jane to camp, then Hunter to speech, swinging by the store for whatever odd and end was needed for camp of dinner, picking Joe up from work, and then trying to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.  Plus, I've been working out the details of the giveaway that's up and running for a preschool learning game from Spool Spun over at ETSY.  Pop over to the link and enter to win.  It's so adorable.  In fact, the boys' product testing was pretty much the only schooling that took place this week.  And they had so much fun that they don't even realize that they had learning time this week!  All this with a dash of vaccine trauma thrown in for good measure.  So how about an update on the vaccine debacle that our family is facing for those of you who have been following?

In the weeks since we received the letter that almost all of the vaccines that our kids received from Peace Health were improperly stored and therefore possibly ineffective, the boys came down with the chicken pox.  This made us realize that we needed to get some more answers because chicken pox is not big deal, but the other things we vaccinated against could be.

So we took the kids to our doc at Tree House Pediatrics to see what our options were.  Just let me take a tangent here and say how very cool their office is over there.
There's an actuall tree house in the waiting room that the kids can play in.  Pretty cool for our small town, huh?

And the whole place feels like a ski lodge or a spa.  It's got such a welcoming and cozy feel.  We love it!

Oh, and yes.  The kids get free reign over the drawers and cabinets!  Love that!  I used to always get so stressed out at Peace Health when the kids were trying to explore the drawers full of steril medical supplies that were at their level.  It just makes more sense to fill 'em with toys since you know the kids are going to get into them anyway.

Okay, enough about our love for our doctor's office...back to the story.  There is a test that you can run called a tider that checks anitbody levels for certain illnesses.  Note:  When I asked the people at Peace Health's Vaccine Debacle Hotline (yes, that should be it's official title) what we could do to make an informed decision about which vaccines to re-do and which to let go of, they said there was no way to know.  Thanks a lot!  So we went ahead and had all 3 kids give 3 huge veils of blood so that we can make an informed decision.

When we got to the lab, I was expecting sheer chaos from the kids.  But I was shocked at how well they did.  Hunter (4), as I expected, held on to the furniture in the lobby in an attempt to muscle his way out of the needle, but once it was in he just watched quietly and said, "Look at all my blood!"  Haven (3) asked to do it without momma holding him.  The assistant said no, but the guy doing the actual poking said sure.  So Haven just submitted completely to the process and didn't even blink when they stuck him.  The people working there let out a loud chorus of laughter and disbelief over such a little guy being so independent and bold with regards to giving up 3 huge veils of blood!  Hannah Jane (6) flipped out quietly to herself and then cried when it was over because she felt she hadn't been as brave as the boys and she is supposed to be the one setting the example and she felt like she let everyone down.  Sweet girl.  I'm the same way.  I could never be the one to put on a brave face when it comes to needles.  What a sensitive soul she is, wanting always to meet the emotional needs of her siblings.  Gotta love them each for their totally unique and wonderful approach to this pretty crummy situation. 

Anyway, after all the trauma, especially for Haven who got 2 shots just before going and giving blood, we celebrated our good health with ice cream and a movie! 

We're still waiting for the results.  I called Peace Health to notify them that I would be sending them the bill for the tiders and they claimed that since their doctors aren't the one's that recommended the tests, they may not be able to pay for them.  This makes me wonder if they are even letting people know locally that there is actually a way to know what the immunity level is so that they can make an informed decision about their health.  It won't be cheap for them, but they need to be held accountable for their major folly and they need to help parents make healthy decisions for their kids.  Whether they know it yet or not, they will be paying for our tests.  Even though we can totally afford it, the more this mistake costs them, the less likely they will be to make this mistake again and the bigger the example that will be set for other medical complexes.  This whole situation just outrages me (and everyone who hears about it).

So, that's all for this week in preschool land.  Hannah Jane's k-12 supplies arrived in the mail this week and the boys got all excited about schooling again even though none of that stuff was officially for them.  So I imagine that now that camp is behind us and the slew of doctor's visits is over, we can get back to doing fun ;earning projects to share next week.  And Monday will be our first cooking with kids video for the big Kid's Cook Monday campaign that we've been invited to join in on as well as the announcing of the winner of the Giveaway!  So go check it out and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I 'member you telling be 'bout dis :)

  2. That tree house is cool!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment on my blog! It really meant a lot to me. You made my day!

    ~Catherine :)

  4. Wow! That's the coolest doctor's office ever! You know they really love kids when they have a place like that. Our doctor's office has Wizard of Oz painted all over the place. It's really cute, but still sterile and cold.


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