July 7, 2010

Flood News from Granny

Hannah Jane was so interested in the Nashville floods a few months back that she asked my Granny to save her all the newspapers and mail them to Utah so she could read about it for herself.  I had no knowledge of this little deal until Granny asked me to apologize to Hannah Jane for it taking her so long to get to the post office.

Today a big ole cardboard tube arrived in the mail and was stuffed full of Nashville newspapers with the flood recovery in the headlines.  Hannah Jane ripped into it with insane excitement.

She unrolled each paper carefully, sounded out the headline, and then arranged them in order of most pressing to read to least.  She tucked the ordered stack under her arm and called, "Mom, I'm going to read on my bed for a while.  Will you keep the boys out of my hair?"  Who is she?  The mom?  But I did agree to keep the boys out of her hair in the name of current events.

Later she reappeared on the porch with her stack and asked the boys if they wanted to see her papers.  She showed them the pictures and ponted out water levels with reference to street signs and saying things  like, "And look there.  That's where we went and watched the man feed the bass at the mall.  The place with all the deer.  And there is water up to the roof!"  She was talking about Pro Bass, of course.  And what boy could forget that place?  Their little eyes got big.

I decided not to kill the joy with a formal Q&A about what she's leaned, but to back off and enjoy seeing her treasure newspaper like she is.  At the moment, Joe is reading her one of the papers for her bedtime story.  She's getting a lot of mileage out of those suckers.

This is a nice reminder to keep Middle Tennessee in our thoughts and prayers and consider them when donation time rolls around.  There's still rebuilding to be done and jobs that have been lost.  With all of the oil spill stuff (and who can believe that's still going on?) not enough has been said about the strength of Tennessee and the recovery process that's still going on.

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