July 26, 2010

The Kids Cook Monday: Volcano Pizza!

It's Monday, which means the kids cook!  We've jumped on the bandwagon to make Monday a day to encourage families to make healthier choices while cooking together and eating together.  If Monday isn't your day, no worries.  Pick a different day.  When we actually choose a day to make dinner together, we are more likely to make it happen.  And once it becomes habit, you'll find that you begin to include your kids in the meal preparation more often without even thinking about it.  When children cook with their parents, they become more conscious of the decisions parents make when selecting food and how to prepare it.  If parents play their cards right, this is a great chance to model healthy food choices and small trade offs that can add up to big health improvements.  Like today, we traded regular pepperoni in for turkey pepperoni.  Small change in flavor, big change in fat grams!

This week I talked Joe into helping with the Kids Cook Monday video!  He's hilarious and hard to contain, so this video was a lot of fun to make!  I accidentally edited out folding up the edges to form the volcano, and my editing program isn't letting me put it back in, so..um...check back for that step.  I think you can figure it out, though.  Hope you enjoy making Volcano Pizza with Daddy Joe!

Be sure and check out the Kids Cook Monday's site for tips on getting kids involved in the cooking!


  1. I love turkey pepperoni!

  2. Awesome! I loved Joe getting into the action. He seems really fun! Way to go guys!


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