July 18, 2010

Paint Bucket for Art Supplies

Our K-12 materials came in the mail this past week and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with it all!  As picky as I am about methodology and curriculum style, it's as if they got in my brain and did exactly what I would have done!  Love it!  Anyway, I'll tell you more about the program and materials as we get into them.  For now, I just want to show you what I made for our painting supplies.

When you sign up for the art program, you get a box of acrylic pain and a variety of brushes.  It's pretty much a smaller version of what I keep on hand for my painting.  Again, just what I would have done!  Anyway, I decided that it would be cute to use an old paint can for a paint supply caddy, so I went and grabbed this sucker out of the garage.
 What's kind of funny is that I thought, "Gee, this still has some paint in it so I might have to make a big ole mess cleaning it out, but it will be worth it.  Check out what happened!
All of the paint just peeled up in a big chunk that was about an inch and half thick!  I generally love peeling up the dried paint from the paint trays when the work's all done, so this was quite a thrill!  Funny, it reminds me of an autistic student that I taught back in Oregon whose greatest thrill was sneaking Elmer's glue and spreading a sloppy layer across his desk when he thought no one was looking so that he could peel it up when it dried.  He and I had that in common! 

 So after I pulled the chunk out, I debated over whether or not to clean it up a bit and try to get the rest of the thin layer of dried paint off the edges, but I decided that it made it more cool and authentic to be a little on the messy side.  I stuck an old canning jar that I just can't get clean enough to use again down in the center to hold the brushes.  Then I started placing the paint bottles down around the jar.  To my surprise, they all actually fit as if it were just made for that.  No room to spare.  Just enough.  The lid can be used for a pallet, making this the perfect paint caddy!  Everything you need in one place!
 To make it a little more cutesy, I painted one side with an obvious label.

And the other side was painted with a whimsical little phrase to inspire creativity.  No comments about ending my sentence with a preposition, please.  It seemed a bit much to write, "Create the world of which you dream," which was the only way I could think of to reconfigure that idea.  So, I caved in and went for poor grammar in the name of art!  Grammar teachers of the world cringe!!!!

This has made a darling addition to the school room shelves and keeps all of our paint supplies in one  place!  I tend to use old coffee cans for school room organization, so this wasn't much of a stretch.  I love the plastic Folgers canisters for things like crayons, parachute storage (because every elementary school has one of those little parachutes and no place to keep it, right?), to hold all those stickers that Gramma Jamma sends the kids for their chore charts, for counting bears, pattern blocks and linking cubes.  You name it, I think a coffee can covered in spray paint with a little raffia around the top is the best storage ever!  If you're one of my Utah neighbors and coffee isn't your thing, never fear!  There are milk jugs with the tops cut off, oatmeal canisters (which are a little less sturdy), or Tupperware from the dollar store!  All of those things look just lovely with a coat of spray paint and raffia.  Yes, friends!  Raffia makes everything cuter!

That's all for now!  I'll hit ya with some other school room and kids room storage ideas soon.  I'm in the process of overhauling our school room right now and can't wait to show you the results!  And don't forget that this is the last day to enter to win the Apple Tree Game by commenting on Friday's Post!

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