July 30, 2010

Preschool wrap up!

Hi guys!  We've had a fun week with the boys' preschool activities.  Nothing big, but we're really reengaged and ready to kick off a new year of loving and learning.  We were all stricken with fall-fever when Hannah Jane's second grade school things arrived in the mail, so we're taking these next couple of weeks to set new routines and prepare for success when the year officially opens.

First major change...no tv during the week!  I had been letting the kids watch one half hour each afternoon and they took turns choosing the show, but that was resulting in a lot of bickering and fighting.  They felt ENTITLED to a show each day (I can't stand entitlement!) even if we had a ton of fun things planned and no time for tv.  Plus, when the show ended, they always whined for another.  Joe threatened for a long time to throw all of their shows out if they ever whined over something as silly as tv again (we don't actually have tv reception, just dvd's) but that threat didn't seem to work.  So, I decided that they would have to earn one show per week and I would choose it.  If they bicker now, they lose their one show and they don't get another chance for a week!  Life has been blissful. No one has so much as asked for tv.  It fell out of their routine so quickly, it's amazing.  And no fussing!  Lot's more playing outside!  Not just the half hour they would normally spend in front of the tv, but all the time they would spend trying to convince me to let them watch tv even though it wasn't tv time and all the time they spent telling me about tv, squabbling over whose turn it was, and the time spent flipping through the dvd collection in anticipation.  Bliss!!!

We got back into the school room with some major playdough time this week.  Back to school sales included playdough sales and we haven't really done much playdough time around here.  Boy were the boys into it!  Every day they were at their desks with the stuff every free second!  Unprompted, they carved letters into pancakes and counted pancakes in a stack.  Their regular learning is starting to show in their playtime.  Love that!

We had an unplanned science class on the overgrown playground at Hunter's speech!  There were these weeds that would just produce a shocking amount of sap at an incredible rate when you break the leaf.  We could not resist video taping it because, well, we're dorks and it was exciting!

The boys also got a kick out of weighing each of their small toys in the balance with the gram cubes.  In case you were wondering, the Little People hippo with a bird on it's back from the Noah's Ark set weighs 27 grams.  Hunter figured that out all by himself. 

And we got a new book on the seasons and made a cool craft to go along with it.

 Hunter and Hannah Jane put together our jungle floor puzzle and the boys used it as a dinosaur habitat all week.

And we're growing these things called tiops, the supposed water dweller from the time of the dinosaurs that appear to be a cross between sea monkeys and horseshoe crabs.  At the moment, they are too small to photograph, but they're pretty neat to watch.

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  1. i want to be a preschooler every time i read one of your posts. you MUST, someday, compile all of these interesting stories into Something, Anything for those moms who just love this stuff - to learn, collaborate, get inspired, enjoy, whatever. you've got a gift for bringing the fun to learning. ps - this is Melissa Dalloul, by the way.

  2. I'm thinking that the no tv idea is sounding VERY lovely...

  3. I have done the same thing in our home with TV and Wii, and it worked wonders!!

    I love your scales and the tiops you are growing have me really curious!

  4. I love your post about the TV! I have the same problem! Thanks for talking about it to remind me why not to let them watch so much TV because they get so addicted.


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