July 21, 2010

recycled crayons!

I know it's all over the web, but when I facebooked that we were making crayons, so many people e-mailed me asking for a tutorial that I just had to repost the info here with my own pics.  I was in major craft mode on Saturday making new storage containers for the school room while Joe stained the deck.  The kids wanted a project too, so it seemed like the right day to recycle our old, broken crayons and make some chunk, swirly new ones.

I spread out the parachute and put a mini muffin tin and the box of old crayons in the middle.  The directions were for the kids to peel the papers off of the crayons, break them into small pieces, and then fill each muffin recess with similarly colored bits of crayon.  You know how your kids are ALWAYS peeling the wrappers off of crayons?  Well, as soon as you actually give permission for that destructive activity, they completely lose their ability to do it.  It's like magic!  Anyway, after enough,"You peel it off all the time when I don't want you to, so I know you can actually do this," they got hoppin and got it done.  Our muffin tin was full!

Now it was time to put it all in the oven at 250 degrees.  Let the waiting games begin...

Everything I read said it would take about 9 minutes for them to melt all the way.  I'd say ours took about 20 minutes.  And if you look, you can see that the peachy ones on the far right never quite melted that much.  We still got a peachy crayon, but it had a few log shaped lumps on the top.  Kinda cool! The ones with several shades of the same color were so pretty.

I also read that you needed to oil your muffin tin, but I thought the burned oil would effect the crayon's ability to color properly so I decided to risk it and ignore that advice.  Glad I did.  After fully cooling they just popped right out with no problem.  Now we have beautiful stacks of swirly round crayon discs that Haven's fat little hands can hold quite nicely.

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