July 6, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Can't Keep Momma Down!

I'm baaaack!!!  And I'm feeling almost great!  Can you believe it?  A recap, for those of you who have checked out for more than a week:  The boys got the Chicken Pox last Monday and I got my wisdom teeth out last Friday.

I chose the guy that goes by Dr. Wisdom Teeth, Dr. Hendrickson, for the wisdom tooth thing mainly because he could get me in pronto.  In this sleepy little town, there are some traveling oral surgeons who swing into town every few months and do a wisdom tooth marathon of sorts, and couple of docs who do it in town but are booked out 6 months.  Well, I wanted and needed it over with, so I was willing to drive to Provo to have this guy do it.  Then I found out how budget basement his fees were and that made me nervous.  They quoted me $167 out of pocket over the phone and everyone told me that he was either a doctor of death or my quote would change once I got there.  Well, the doctor was wonderful (best bedside manner EVER) and the fee was what they quoted me!  Can you believe it?  So, if you live anywhere near Provo, he's well worth a few hour drive!  We saved something in the ball park of $600 and the whole thing was actually pain free!  Yay!

While I was waiting for the anesthesiologist to pop in,  I was admiring the art on the wall and actually snuck out my camera and snapped a picture of it for later inspiration.  I've got this empty wall in my bedroom that I've had no idea what to do with, and I loved these plants pressed between glass with the sort of industrial hangers.  Don't you?  I might try something like that for a crafting day soon.  How many people do you know that take decorating inspiration from surgical room #2?  I find inspiration everywhere!  Anyway...

Today is the first full day I've been off the heavy narcotics and mostly out of that fog brain that they give you.  I'm not one who enjoys that slightly high experience of the big drugs.  Nope.  It frustrated me like crazy.  Poor Joe had to put up with me whining, "I'm not in any pain but I'm so confused.  I'm miserable and it didn't even hurt!"  Haha!  Yeah.  No pain, but groggy and irritable over my inability to compute simple mathematics or tell you the day of the week.  But I suppose it was a small price to pay for zero pain.  And I'm sure people who are less of a control freak than me would not mind the lack of being out of their right mind.

So today Joe slips me my antibiotics and says that if I need him to come home and help me with the kids, to just call.  At that point I was thinking I might actually do that.  But I slept in (thank you Independence Day, for keeping my kids up until 11!) and woke feeling ready to tackle...well...everything I hadn't in the last year!  That's right, folks!  I did it all!  I reorganized every closet in the house, finished off all the laundry, reorganized the kitchen cupboards (this is no exaggeration) and then thought, "wouldn't it be nice to make one of those expensive monogrammed door mats for the front door?"  and proceeded to print, cut,stencil and spray paint.

Now I had this beautiful, customized door mat in front of a door that was covered in mud from those swallows that insist on building their nest in the eves of our entryway (anyone had the messy mud swallows?  Ick!  But so sweet babies) and that just wouldn't do!  So I got out the cleaners and scrubbed the front windows, door, and walls around the entry way.  Well now that all of it looked nice, the place where I never quite got around to second coating the paint on the trim around the window on the door last year was really standing out, so I got out the house paint and went to town!

That's right.  On a day when I wasn't sure I'd even get out of bed, I deep cleaned everything (except my own room, go figure), made an awesome customized door mat and tutorial for said door mat, and scrubbed and painted the entire entrance to our house.  I feel quite satisfied!  Even better, enough sweet friends brought meals over when I was down and out that we're going to have leftovers for dinner so that I don't have to cook! 

Tomorrow, it's back to school and our usual fun!  Ahhh...to have the anxiety of Chicken Pox and Wisdom teeth behind me!  It's a wonderful thing!

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  1. I am having a blast browsing thru all of your posts. I have a preschooler this year and my next youngest is 11 so it seems like *ages* since I've homeschool preschool. Great ideas here!! Saw the wisdom teeth and had to check this post out. $167???!!! Wow! Was that for one tooth? Took my 21 yr daughter to oral surgeon yesterday. We have no dental insurance and all her teeth are boney impacted and have to be cut out (growing sideways). It's gonna cost $1700 for all four. Yikes!! And I check about 4 other surgeons, this was the cheapest, and thankfully the most recommended too.


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