July 17, 2010

Wooden neckalces!

I've been hankerin' (is my Southern showing?) to make some things for the kids out of natural wood.  I have seen so many cute ideas on the web from building blocks to picture hangers and everything in between.  Today, I finally got a little bit of it out of my system!

The kids have been admiring my Baha'i necklace a lot lately and asking for one of their own.  I checked around and didn't find any kids' Baha'i jewelry on the web.  Maybe there's some rule about that that I'm unaware of, which means I'll be hearing from someone soon letting me know!  Anyway, I decided to make them a little something just for being so gosh darn adorable all the time!  Well, for that and because I absolutely needed to saw some wood!

I went out to the fire pit and found some leftover brush and limbs from when we cut down the apple tree to make room for our new shed.  It was dying and needed to go anyway, so no biggie.  Anyway, I found the right diameter of limb and got to sawing.  I used my jigsaw, which was not as easy as I was anticipating.  I had planned to chop the rest into building blocks, but my wrist hurt so bad after just making 4 little discs that I decided a necklace was enough for one day.

After I sawed up my little pieces, I drilled a hole in the top of each one to hang it on a shoe lace or ribbon.
Then I painted the ring stone symbol on each little disc.  That's in the middle of my necklace that the kids are so wild about and it's way easier than going for the 9 pointed star, which made it a good fit!

Then I added the peace sign shoe laces that I grabbed in the discount isle at Joanne's for the boys and a pink ribbon for Hannah Jane.  Don't they look like something from summer camp?
Look at that happy camper!  They boys cheered and danced and immediately tore the pendant off the shoe lace, so I have to go fix those as soon as I'm done here.  In fact, they're on my arm at this very moment nagging me about it, so I better run!

Have you ever seen such a handsome guy with a home made necklace?  I haven't!

Okay, so the way to boy-proof a wooden necklace is to drill sideways through the thing and run the shoe lace through the width of the disc.  Then there is not way for them to pull it through!  Also, to make it adjustable, tie one end of the shoe lace to the opposite side and then repeat with the other end.  Now you can pull the knots away from each other to get a shorter necklace and towards each other for a longer one!


  1. I like 'em! Are they keeping the shoelaces on this time?

  2. What did you paint with? And I seriously LOVE HJ's hat!! I made a hat like that, but didn't look half as cute as she does. :)

  3. I just used plain ole acrylics. I think I might make a few more once I figure out how to saw super slender discs and then sand and seal them with a shiny polyurethane coat or...what was that medium we both fiddled around with and you were going to make knitting needles out of? That stuff might make a nice shiny coat to seal out splinter!

  4. Oh, and the hat was a gift from our newest Baha'i in town, Maria. That woman is crazy crafty!


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