August 25, 2010

Art Focus: Henri Matisse

If there were ever an artist's life to study that demonstrated a pure commitment to creating, I'd have to cast a vote for Henri Matisse.  Poor old fella had to have assistants arrange his arthritic paper cutouts on the wall for him and then glue them in place only when he decided they were in perfect position to one another (sometimes months later).  When he became too arthritic for even that, he had people attatch charcoal to long sticks so that he could draw on paper taped to the ceiling above his bed.  Can you imagine?  I love people who refuse to go quietly and who never abandon the activities that make them feel alive.  Matisse is just that kind of guy!

So, in honor of Henri Matisse, and on our quest to copy cat every great artist at least once, we made color paper cut-outs and arranged them Matisse style on a larger paper.  It's fun to copy these artists who had a child like quality about their work because, well, you feel like you're not as bad at art as you thought!  And the simple, bold shapes and colors make it fun for even the youngest baby to look at.

A stack of colored paper and a ton of cutting later, here's what we came up with!

the Cabin
Hannah Jane
Boy!  She looks grown up in that picture!  Hard to believe she's just 6 when I look at her there.  

Evening Desert

Joe will undoubtedly make fun of me for doing all the art projects along side Miss HJ, but I have recently realized that most of my breed of moms - the ones who spend their days at home with their kids who are old enough to be out of the house 7 hours a day by now - really enjoy learning and creating right along side their kids.  Some of the moms I meet that only have babies, but know they want to home school some day, are already hitting the books and becoming a student again.  So, I'm not going to feel silly anymore for jumping in and modeling life long learning (and art making) for the kids.  I think that the art projects we do are some of the most fun parts of my day, and help me keep my sanity through this adventure called home schooling.  So get in there and create with your kids!  You'll be so glad you did!

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