August 18, 2010

Art focus: Joan Miro

 We're studying the works of Spanish Artist Joan Miro this week.  I never knew his name, but when I saw his work I knew it immediately.  If you've ever staying in a Circus Circus casino, you've been inundated with his art.  Joe had a conference in Vegas last fall and the kids and I were pretty  much confined to the Circus Circus casino where we were staying.  If you're going to be stuck in a casino with kids, this is the one to be stuck in, for sure!  There was plenty of entertainment in the big top, but the dark, creepy rooms left a lot to be desired.  The only fascinating elements to the guest rooms were the wacky paintings!  They were everywhere and they were bright and eye catching, even if you weren't quite sure what they were.

Anyway, the paintings were by Joan Miro and we're learning all about him this week.  We've learned that often this French trained artist would just doodle some abstract lines and shapes on a page and then come back to them and see what images he could pull from the black lined randomness.  This explains a lot :)

As an exercise in fraudulent art production, we made our own Miro copy-cat art.  Just to be sure Hannah Jane didn't make her lines with a picture in mind, I drew the random lines on her page and she drew some on my page.  I should have known she'd be way random and try to stump me.  So much fun!

But Miro didn't just make playful art.  He gave his pieces hilariously long names.  Our favorite, we decided, was called Dragonfly with Red Wings in Pursuit of a Snake which Crawls like a Spiral.  Seriously.  So we had to name ours in kind. 

Here's what we came up with from each other's lines.  The black lines are the ones made by our partner, and the colorful elements are what we added to make our picture. 

 The Long Road of Life is Winding Towards a Tiny Purple Cabin
by Hannah Jane

Blue Eyed Girl Pines for Mountain Life without Mice
by Momma
Needless to say, this was a lot of fun.  Artists like Miro make you feel like a real pro because when I look
at our pieces, I'm thinking we could blend right in with him in a Google images result!  Ha!  Take that snobby art school students!  My kids makes a mean Miro!  Maybe we should call up the casinos and see if they need any new art!

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