August 5, 2010

Baha'i Luck!

Sometimes you just happen to get lucky!  This past Sunday I had a lucky day!  But let's back up and explain the magnitude of this fortune.

There are two traits about me that are hard to miss.  One, I'm a Baha'i.  Two, I'm super thrifty.  Those two things are not so compatible when it comes to children's resources like books, videos, and music.  Sure, Baha'i resources are no more expensive than Christian resources, but there are so few Baha'is in the valley here that the odds of running across a second hand Baha'i book are infinitesimally small.  Make that a children's Baha'i book and we're talking it-will-never-happen odds!  And I just have never been able to bring myself to buy a large amount of brand-spankin new books or videos.  It's just not in my genetic make-up.  Blame my dad if you must.  He made me this way.  In general, my cheapness serves me well, but in this particular department it burdens me.

At Feast this past Sunday, our friends, the Kellers, came in with a giant box of Baha'i books and said I had dibs on any materials I wanted before they went to the general Baha'i library since many of them were children's materials!  SCORE!!!! Lauren, whose mother taught childrens' classes for her entire childhood, helped me thumb through the books to find all the children's resources.  I didn't even know things like this existed.  These are the dinosaurs of Baha'i children's literature.  Most of them were printed long before I was even thought of!  And there were so many teaching manuals divvied up by grade level!  Be still, my beating heart!

This flip book explaining the 19 Day Feast is their favorite so far.  It's huge!  And the pictures are fun.  Forget that it's older than dirt itself, they love it!  And so do I.  I love the smell of a really old book, like a small town library!  Like a vintage book store!  Like old time wisdom!  Love that old paper smell.  If there is a heaven, I'm convinced it will smell like an old book store.  Maybe if I'm bad, I'll go to a place that smells like sterile metal and electronic resources.  Just kidding. 

The kids got a kick out of this page.  We just got to the revelation of Islam in our school studies before we had to back track to the glory days of ancient Rome to sync up with second grade in the fall.  When we did that, the kids built a model mosque to present at culture club and had a blast researching mosque features and taking virtual tours of mosques online.  So when they saw this picture, they all yelled at once, "We know what that is!  It's a mosque like the one we built!!!"

Sorry this one's on it's side, but you can turn your head and see why Hunter got a kick out of this one.  I often only bring the boys to Feast when it's going to be held at a park because they just don't have it in them to be reverent for more than a second, which makes devotional portions difficult.  Hunter saw this and shot me a look as if to say, "See mom, it's not my fault.  It' s been confirmed that even adults get bored."  I had to spend some time explaining that this is an example of what NOT to do when planning Feast and that 9 passages, which is the norm, is not too many!  He cracks me up!

So, Sunday was a day of great luck for the Christison crew!  All these fun new Baha'i children's resources at my favorite price: hand-me-down free!!!  As we go through the other books I'll let you know if we find any amazingly exciting activities that you need to know about!  I know how difficult it can be not to feel forced to reinvent the wheel once you've plowed through the Ruhi 3 activities.  Thanks, Kellers, for sharing the love and gifting us with so much excitement!!!


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  2. wow I've never seen that Feast book, how neat! i doubt it's being published anywhere... would you mind giving me an idea of what else it said in the book? I want to make one to explain Feast but would love ideas of what to include. Whenever you have time (if ever) :-)


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