August 30, 2010

Kids Cook Monday: Blue Cheese Green Tomatoes

It's Monday, so the kids are in the kitchen!  Ever since we were contacted to participate in the kids cook Monday initiative, we've been finding new ways to get the kids cooking and nothing motivates them to cook like the prospect of making a video! 

In our constant search to find way to get the kids to eat more garden fresh veggies, we invented blue cheese crusted green tomatoes.  I must say that this felt like a long shot, but ended up being the most delicious thing ever to come out of my kitchen.  No joke!  This was so good!

To check out tips for cooking with kids and see what other families are up to in the kitchen, check out


  1. Anonymous30.8.10

    I expect to have some freshly made for dinner...too bad all the tomatoes are going to rot because of the rain! Joe

  2. Aaaaah! So cute! I love you guys!


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