August 16, 2010

Kids Cook Monday: Cranberry Chicken!

We love making crock pot meals.  I have a personal love affair with my slow cooker and I'm doing my best to pass that love on to my kids!  The recipe that won me over is cranberry chicken, and today Hannah Jane is going to share that recipe with your family with the help of her pint sized side kicks!  When you use the crock pot, make sure it is kept out of reach of children (including the cord) once you've turned it on because they can pull it on themselves and end up with burns and cuts from a broken crock.  Sit back and enjoy this cooking video and try this recipe on your family.  I'm pretty sure they'll love it!

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  1. Now You're Cookin' Kids! That recipe sounds GREAT! Deb cooks with a crock pot all the time - and a crack pot (that would be me). Love you guys! ///Darrell


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