August 21, 2010

Mini Caprielle Dance Clinic

Hannah Jane went to the local high school's dance team fundraiser clinic yesterday and she had a ball!  She spent the morning learning a routine with the dancers and then got to come back and perform it at half time of the football game.

When we picked her up from the clinic, there was a practice performance in which each age group did their own dance.  Haven kept yelling, "I don't want to see them dance!  Where's Hannah?  Where's Hannah?"  She says she could hear him all the way across the gym where the mini dancers were waiting!

That night the boys were super excited to be going to a real football game!  Hunter quickly lost interest and now says he liked the band better.  That's surprising since he's usually quite sensitive to loud noises.  Haven, on the other hand, was all about the game!  He said, "I'm a football player at home.  Do they know that?"  We all had a great night!

Finally it was half time!  The dance team did a dance first, and I have to say I was impressed.  All I know of high school dance teams is the one where I went to school and it was fine, but nothing like this.  These girls were good!  Considering that we're living in small-townville, they were shockingly good.

After they did their thing, they called all the tiny dancers out and they did their thing.  Haven kept grabbing my arm to steady himself as he stood high on the seat to see, so its a bit blurry, but here's the video of HJ's big night in local football!  In case you can't tell, Hannah Jane's the one in the middle with black shorts and dark hair.  If you still can't find her, she's between the girl in pants and the high school dancer.

 Back in Eugene, Hannah Jane took a ballet/tap class and didn't care much for it.  She said it wasn't fun to have to be so quiet and serious all the time.  Then she went to cheer camp and thought it was the best thing because, "we get to yell and we don't get in trouble!"  I think this fell somewhere in the middle in terms of getting to be noisy, but is now at the top of her list of fun activities.

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  1. Awesome! Great work, Hannah! Glad you had such a good time. :)


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