August 4, 2010

When in Rome

We are back to Rome for a few weeks as we begin our history studies with the K-12 program.  I am so pleased at how seamlessly the curriculum offered by K-12 fits with the classical education that we were already studying through the Story of the World and Tapestry of Grace.  We were able to sync right up with 2nd grade with minimal back tracking.  And so far, the back tracking has been great because the way the content is presented is much more enticing and memorable than what we had been doing.

Hannah Jane has read the stories of Romulus and Remus, Horatious at the Bridge, the life of Cincinatus, and a fictional piece written to show one scenario by which the Greek stories of gods and goddesses may have been transmitted to the Roman culture.

We examine a Roman coin that commemorates Romulus and Remus and then Hannah Jane used play dough to show how she would have depicted the story on a coin.  The actual coin has Romulus and Remus by the mother wolf.  Hannah Jane chose to show the babies in the basket beside the seven hills. 

Today we couldn't help but do a play of Hannah Jane's favorite Greek Myth.  I know, I know, we're in Rome now, but when we studied the common deities with different names, she wondered who the Roman version of Persephone was, which got us back to the Demeter and Persephone story.  By 10 AM we had called our friends across the street and invited them to be in our play.  The little girl, Hannah Jane's BFF, seemed excited.  Her brother, older and cooler, was a reluctant Zeus.  But when I offered to let him off the hook and have Haven be king of the gods, he said no.  He wanted to do it.  Sweet kid!  Anyway, here's our production of Demeter and Persephone!  You'll have to full screen it to have any chance of reading the captions!

To refocus our attention on Rome, we made a card game from our K-12 workbook with a set of Roman god and a corresponding set of Greek gods.  WE would take turns laying down a god from our respective culture and the other player had to lay down the corresponding deity.  Hannah Jane wanted to play over and over.  When I wore out, she taught Hunter the pairs so he could play with her.  I can't believe he actually consented to playing Match-the-god, but he seemed to love it!
I have no idea how much longer our studies will stay in ancient Rome, but I am pretty certain that the whole family will remember much more of the content this go round!  We just couldn't be more pleased with this course of study!

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