September 30, 2010

The busiest life on earth!

Well, I haven't yet, and may never get to finish posting my fave pictures from our trip because my life has become about as hectic (and blessed) as I can imagine.  Let me just give you a little recap of yesterday.

8:00 am drop Joe off at work
8:15 hit the store to buy items for Hannah Jane's halloween costume (which she wants to wear for her birthday, so I had to get on it)
9:00 drop Hunter off at Speech only to find that during my vacation I forgot that his schedule had changed and he didn't really need to be there until 10:30
9:15 take Hunter for his first real big-boy hair cut at the salon.  He loved it.  I think he looks like Justin Beiber if he ever ends up homeless and without his gel.  But it will grow out and we'll try again.
9:45  Drop Hannah Jane off at Poetry Club
10:00 hit the case lot sale at Macey's
10:15-10:25 try to get out of the parking lot at Macey's
10:30 drop Hunter at speech
10:45 hit Walmart to buy some storage for the bulk of rice I bought at the case lot sale
11:15 pick up Hunter
12:00-12:45 clean house
1:00 go to pick Hannah Jane up only to get a call while I'm in the driveway of Poetry club asking if she can stay for another hour to make a book.  I get out of the car and she pleads with me and then reads me the poem she wrote in club, which goes as follows:
I love my mom, I love her so,
I think of her face, it glows and glows.
(Thanks, Sarah, for facilitating that heart melting moment with my daughter!) It was so sweet that I couldn't say no.  Plus, she was at the home of one of my favorite families and I just couldn't deny her the time to soak up the good vibe over there!
1:15 back to Macey's with my free time to buy 20lbs of dried black beans.
1:30 home to thaw dinner, put together a shoe rack, and do some laundry.
2:30 pick up Hannah Jane for real this time.
3:00 Print out sheet music for band/choir, punch holes
4:00 back to the store to buy folder for choir
4:30 major melt down for the boys, complete mayhem, screaming, time outs, naps in the car
5:00 pick up Joe
6:00 dinner
6:30 clean out van
7:00 barn chores, kids in jammies, brush teeth, kids in bed
7:30 prepare choir packets
8:00Unit Convention planning team meeting, last minute phone calls, e-mails, and facebooks to make sure every job is going to be covered, a little singing, dancing, and chit chat.
10:00worst movie ever with Joe.  I won't even say what it was because quite frankly, I'd be ashamed to let anyone know it was in this house, it was so bad.
11:00 fall asleep on the couch
12:40  wake up with horrible dream induced by said bad movie.  Head to my bed to find that EVERYONE who lives in this house is in that bed.  Head to Hannah Jane's room to sleep alone with my feet hanging off the end of her cute little twin bed.

That was my day!  Thankfully, today has been way better.  School work has been done, children have rested and played blissfully, and house will be clean momentarily.  But there's more chaos to come.

Tonight it rehearsal for Unit Convention music, tomorrow is crunch day for finishing all of the little details for Unit Convention, Saturday is Unit Convention, Monday my granny flied in to SLC, Tuesday is the first band and choir meeting for the term, Wednesday is Hannah Jane's birthday for which we are driving about and hour and a half to go to a restaurant she loves in costumes, Friday is a Halloween party, Saturday it's back to SLC to drop Granny off, and the next week, Joe's mom is coming for a visit.  The week after that I'm facilitating a course on the importance of Latinos in the Baha'i community.  I'm tired just thinking of it all.  So....I might be a little hit or miss for a while on blogging.  But this is my relaxing me time, so I will of course try to keep squeezing it in!


  1. beezee beezee, will you make it to Ruhi 6 with your grandma and Joe's mom coming? I hope, I hope.

  2. I love your reading it!


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