September 6, 2010

Kiddo Meditation

We took the day off from Kids Cook Monday because, well, if you want the actual truth of the matter, I didn't shop over the holiday weekend and so there was no food in the house worth making a video or recipe from.  Sad, huh?  We were all geared up to make carrot muffins before I realized that I had neither egg nor banana to replace the egg with.  Instead we enjoyed a nice PBJ and kicked back to focus on centering ourselves for some good, old fashioned family together time.

 In the absence of cooking, I thought I'd share one of the greatest things we have incorporated into our daily routine.  We have adopted family meditation and do it pretty  much every day that we don't have the car.  When we do have the car and have to drop Joe off at work, we're a little too pressed for time to swing it before school and only do it in the event of an emotional emergency.

I can hear Joe laughing already!  I don't think he was aware of this little addition to our daily rhythm, and I know he'll think it's a wacky nutty thing to do!  Next week, you'll probably read a post that Joe has insisted that the kids get on the school bus and go to a place a little less likely to create little hippies!  Haha!

Okay.  I know.  I sound like one of those nutty granola moms here, typical loopy home schooler, but this has been such a lifesaver!  Shockingly, the boys quiet themselves and are super happy to cross their legs and breathe deeply while they listen to some soothing voice tell them what to visualize.  You Tube is full of guided meditations free for the viewing.  Perhaps the technology lilt is what gets them into it.  It feels a little like their getting TV, even though it isn't a Friday.

As a mom without the prospect of a coffee break spent alone to gather my thoughts, this really relaxes me and puts me in a mellow mom mode.   The kids appreciate mellow mom mode.  Starting our day with relaxation in mind and seeing the kids willingly engaging in an activity intended to calm them gives me a glimmer of hope for a peaceful day.  And usually I get one.  If I don't then at least I'm relaxed enough to take it all in stride.  Usually :)

So here's my absolute favorite. I can't think of anything more relaxing than the way this mate conjures images and leaves you feeling connected to the earth and everything on it.  Sometimes when we do this one, the boys really want to talk about nature and how we are part of it, asking great questions and wanting to just go sit outside and listen.  Love that!  Anyway, check this one out!

Did ya love it?  I just can't say enough about this guided meditation thing for kids.  Sometimes I use this in place of a timeout if we are to the point where someone has gotten a time out for the same thing over and over again and clearly the point of timeout (which I consider a time to think about what happened to land you there and what you can do differently next time) isn't being achieved.  Granted, this isn't always possible since I use YouTube for these things and Hannah Jane is on the computer quite often with her school work.  But when I can, I do, and it's a beautiful thing.  It seems to feel like more of a break time to regather than a punishment, and isn't that what we all want when we accidentally stumble for the fifth time in a row?  We just want some time to gather our wits about us and prepare to do better next time.  And that's what this facilitates for us.

I have to say that the idea of using YouTube in place of a time out, on the surface, makes me feel like a complete techno dork!  But if you can get past that notion, it's such a great tool!

So, if you find yourself at wits end, or have the notion to start your day off with a calming family activity, why not try meditating together with a guided meditation?  It just might do the trick!

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  1. Love this idea! Will definitely remember it for the future when my little ones are old enough to understand what they're doing!


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