September 28, 2010

Pacific Coast Highway

Yesterday I reported on the Eugene leg of our trip.  Today we head for the coast!

We said our goodbyes to the Taylors as they left for work and school.  Only Ted was home to wave goodbye when we finally rolled out.

We headed straight to Florence, Oregon for la stroll around the docks and the cute little downtown area.

Hannah Jane spotted Poseidon and howled for me to take her picture with him.  I was thrilled that she recognized him on her own and actually remembered his name!

The boys loved the big fish on the mural.  Hannah Jane took this opportunity to express her new found flair
 for the dramatic.  Hunter said that if Joe could just catch a fish that big, we'd never have to go to the grocery store again!  Having just left the Taylors, I was thinking about all the Omega in a fish that size. 

Joe has had a love affair with the bridge in the background there since our very first visit to the Oregon coast almost 8 years ago.  It's his other woman.  We have a framed picture of her in our living room. 

We found out that Heceta Head is the most photographed lighthouse in America.  I decided I had better do my part to keep that record alive!  This photo arrangement is being blown up for my bathroom wall as my birthday gift!  Rock!

Me and my little man hiking up the hill to the light house.  What a workout!  That's quite a trek with an additional little person on your back!

Below the light house, we frolicked in the ocean froth.  Hunter, my sweet boy, has my same longing and joy for beach time.  He almost never smiles for a picture, but here he danced and said, "Momma, we're at the beach!  Take my picture!"  Note the turtleneck, jacket, and swim trunks combination! 

Both of those pictures were taken right outside of our lakefront cabin.  I love the Oregon Coast!  The ability to stand on a sand dune and look one way at the most beautiful lake you've ever seen and the other way at the vast Pacific Ocean if one of the most unshakable joys in life.  So yes, we went to the ocean only to sleep by the lake.

 For any Nemo fans out there, he touched the butt!

A couple of rounds of Uno while we ate the blackberries we pick by our cabin for "last snack."  The boys went berry wild!  The first thing they said they next morning upon opening their tiny eyes was, "Can we go pick berries now?"

The morning view from our bed was so awesome that even the kids could appreciate it and just sat still gazing out the window for quite a time before breakfast.

The kids made breakfast of peanut butter and banana toast assembly line style!

Haven hitched a ride on sister's back as we walked to that special lake/ocean dune.

We got into the spirit of Oregon and let the boys do what they are never allowed to do in Utah...engage in a little public skinny dipping.  Hannah Jane, older and more in the Utah way, elected to just wade up to her knees while fully dressed because, "Well, I just can't do Oregon like I used to, Mom."

Hunter topped the dunes first and looked oh so cool up there on his own.

We hit yet another lighthouse.  Slightly less impressive, but still pretty cool!  It perched above tide pools with all kinds of critters to poke.

As we made our way towards the California border on the coast, we stopped at the cheesily fantastic dinosaur gardens, with life size sculptures of all sorts of dinosaurs!  Money well spent!

Okay...this post is long enough.  Maybe our trip requires four legs rather than three.  So tomorrow we hit the yurt, meet an old friend's babies, and find our way to California for some hula dancing and sword fighting at Gramma Jamma's house!  Stay tuned!

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