September 3, 2010

School Clothes

It's that time of year when you can find dollar racks at the department stores and even the second hand stores drop their left over summer clothes to something like 50 cents.  I love to stock up a year or two in advance when things hit bargain basement prices. 

When you are in the check out line with a pile of new clothes for all of the kids and it's September, you are bound to have the check out lady (or man, Kaitlin) who looks at the kids and says, "Are these your school clothes?" to which Hannah Jane looks all unsure of what to say and stands there awkward and silent as the check out person is most certainly thinking, "Poor child.  Not even smart enough to answer a simple question about school clothes.  Bless her heart."

What the check out person doesn't know is what school clothes look like at the Christison Home Academy of the Arts and Sciences!  Here's a look back at what the kids have been spotted wearing during school hours.

Because sometimes wearing the right head gear can give you the confidence you need to underline the subject and circle the predicate.

Nature study may call for camo.

Sometimes a brighter color can help you find your inner Buddha for an investigation o the eight fold path.

The right gown can help you get in Cinderella mode for clean up time.  Don't let gender get in the way.

You never can tell what a good book calls for in the clothing department.  If it's Lois Lowry, maybe you need a tutu.

But you may find that jammies work better for a light mid-day read.

And if you feel that you're faster with your flashcards when you're free and unconstrained, don't be to shy to go with that.  Ya know?  Whatever works for ya!

It's true.  Our dress code is a little lax.  But what we lack in polos and school plaid, we make up for in roman helmets and Buddhist monk robes.  Life's about trade offs.  Right?  Happy fall, friends!  And whatever your school's dress code, don't forget to be yourself!

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  1. Love, love, love it, Skyla!! I'll have to whip out my camera more during school time; what fun memories you've captured!


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