September 9, 2010

See Ya!

Well, friends, my posts have been few and far between this week because I have been ridiculously busy with Unit Convention arrangements and with making travel plans.  The day has finally arrived.  Last night I handed off all of my convention responsibilities (except for taking inquiry calls, which I'll be doing from the road) and today we're moving into the van for a family road trip. 

The house sitter is all set, the replacement gardeners and farmers that we've recruited are swarming in full force, and the beloved fish, Humbo, has been neatly tucked away into his new home in a canning jar for a long journey.

 Books on CD and on paper are overflowing in the floor boards.  We've got a prayer book, Almost Astronauts, Call of the Wild, Tuck Everlasting, the Book of Certitude, Sudoku, and the Life and Times of Constantine!  That's plenty of actual reading, and 12+ hours of literary listening.  I checked out the books at the library and when I told the librarian that we wouldn't be back in town for the due date, she actually gave us a special due date so we didn't have to pay a fine!  Who knew they could do that?

And educational time passers, as well as actual school work have been loaded into a crate in the backseat.  That's cookie sheets and magnetic pom poms for the boys' letter games, Mad Libs, the second grade version of the Knights of the Round Table and Peter Pan, dry erase board and markers for writing practice, play mat and Waldorf dolls, language arts book, fractions and decimal books, pattern block, lacing letters, etch-a-sketch, magna doodle, Uno, clothespin cards and some other random fun junk!

Sustenance and throat spray are packed.  This is in essence to throw peanuts to the angry animals in the backseat and then soothe my throat if I have to get out my mean voice (which, undoubtedly I will have to do a few times on a 12 hour drive)! 

So this is all for now, friends!  I'm sure we'll have lots of stories to tell upon return.  I'm going to try and resist the urge to post while I'm gone. However, that's proven difficult to resist in the past, so we'll see what happens!  Wish us safe travels!!!

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