October 22, 2010

Counting by Two's Halloween Style!

We had so much fun today making a cool Halloween craft while sneakily learning to count by twos.  The kids loved it and then they used their crafts to decorate for Ruhi!  So cute!

I started by teaching the boys a modified version of the 2, 4, 6, 8 cheer!  We sang, "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?  Mummies!  Mummies!  Gooooooo Mummies!"  After we cheered our hearts out, I explain that counting like that is a way of cheating that is totally allowed.  You cheat the numbers and save time by not having to count each individual thing.  Legal cheating?  Yeah, they liked the sound of that!  Haha!

We went on to talk about things that always come in 2's (nostrils, lips, arms, legs) and finally landed on eyeballs, which was the point of the discussion.  I poured out a bag of those googly eyes on the counter and asked them to each get 8 eyeballs, but to get them two at a time and count by 2's as they did it.  We counted them out by 2's and then counted them one by one to  verify that we were being effective with our cheating strategy!

Then I demonstrated what we were going to do with our 8 eyeballs!  Here's the plan!  For each craft, we used 8 eyeballs, some bloody gauze (not really, but it's Halloween, so unbloodied gauze is hard to come by!), a glass or jar of some sort (the short, juice glasses work well), a hot glue gun, and a tea light candle.

I put a short line of hot glue on the jar and let the kids press a pair of eyes onto the line.  I repeated this 3 times until all the eyeballs were paired off around the glass.

Then I gave them each a portion of gauze that was long enough to wrap around the glass a few times with little overlap.  We glued the ends in place.  We let the gauze cover the eyes as it wraps around.

Finally, we put tea lights in some and filled the others with snacks for Ruhi!  Such a cute table decoration for this time of year, and the boys can actually count the eyes by 2's!  We'll see if they can still count by 2's tomorrow, but this was a great first step!  The newspaper sent some people to our Ruhi tonight to do a report on Baha'is, and they're going to think Baha'is are Halloween crazy by the way the kids arranged the snacks!  But it was darling and the kids were proud!

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