October 6, 2010

Fall Pattern Making and a Look Ahead to the Best Activities for Halloween!

Our art program asked us to fin patterns in various pieces of art this week.  We looked specifically at Jungle paintings and saw the repeating patterns of stripes on tigers, leaves on palm trees, and grass blowing in the wind.  Then the kids were asked to make their own repeating patterns!

If you follow Skyla's Kitchen at all, you may already know that I have over 100 cookie cutters and no ability whatsoever to make a decent rolled cookie, so I'm always looking for an excuse to bust out the cutters with an alternative purpose!  This was my chance!

I dumped out the cutters and let the kids each chose 2 fall themed shapes with which to make a repeating pattern.

Then I smeared fallish colored paint into paper plates. The kids smeared their cutters around in the paint and used them like stamps, being sure to create a repeating pattern on their paper. 

They loved it and their patterns turned out quite cute.  I think the cutter stamps would look great on little long sleeved t-shirts if you used fabric paint!

With Hallowen around the corner, and Fall now in full swing, I thought I'd link you back to other fun things we've done in years past to get in the mood for the chill and spook of this fabulous time of year, and then tell ya what are big plans are for this year in case you want to jump on board and join us!

Last year we did a week on Spiders for science and watched a cool Bill Nye on the topic, we did candy math, I busted out the cookie cutters and some dry beans for a fun and tactile fall craft project, and we made patterns using leaf cut out and noodle necklaces!

I didn't find this until too late last year, so I'm sharing it now in case you want to give it a go at your house!  Such a marvelous find that it must be shared!  Dinner in a Pumpkin!  That's right!  I had never heard of, nor would I have ever thought of this fabulous idea, until last year on Halloween night.  Oh, how I wished I had done it, but I held on to the link for a full year and now fully intend to make this an annual tradition!  We'll eat dinner out of a pumpkin before we head off to haunt!  Here's a link to the recipe I found, but I plan to tweak it a bit to suit the taste of my family.

The last thing I want to pass along so you have time to replicate it yourself, is this awesome science video brought to you by the University of Nottingham and the folks who do the Periodic Table of Videos series.  A bunch of bored chemists compete to see who can use chemistry to do the weirdest thing to a pumpkin.  I think we'll try to replicate the first one with some dry ice.  We may try it once and if all goes well, we'll invites some home schoolers over to enjoy the oddity of it all!  My original plan was to explode a pumpkin, but I can't find a method of causing the explosion that doesn't require some serious chemicals to which I do not have access. 

Well, there you have it!  All of our fabulous finds for fall and Halloween!  Have a blast, friends, and please send me your fun ideas for the season!


  1. Kristalyn6.10.10

    here's a link to an activity i did last year from another blog and another way to use your cookie cutters. http://superheroesandprincesses.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-cookie-cutters.html

  2. Awesome! Thanks, K! I love any way to use cookie cutters for anything but cookies! LOL!


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