October 18, 2010

Restaurant at Home

Well, it's Kids Cook Monday again.  If you tuned in last week you know we were having some technical difficulties and those have yet to be resolved.  So, while I'm working out the kinks of the video system, the show must go on. 

Last Friday was Joe's birthday and the kids decided to make the evening special with a fancy restaurant style dinner.  Let me tell you!  Nothing gets these kids excited about the goings on of the kitchen like playing restaurant!  They planned the menu down to the detail, helped read recipes, and served Joe like a well oiled food service staff.

Haven went to Joe and asked, "May I show you to your seat, Sir?"  Absolutely heart melting!

Hunter met him at the table and said, "The chef has prepared something special for you!"

Hannah Jane took hos order on a picture menu, circling the items offered as he confirmed that he wanted them.

We had Chicken Fried Chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy.  The Chicken Fried Chicken recipe is such a kid friendly recipe!  I found it here, and the kids had a ball crunching up the crackers and flopping everything around in the bag!  I highly recommend this one!

So, this week's Cooking with Kids tip is to play restaurant and let the kids design the menu.  Even if they plan foods they can't cook entirely on their own, this will open up a dialogue about balanced meals and you can even practice sophisticated table manners without feeling stuffy!  We had a blast and Im pretty sure Joe had a great birthday dinner!

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