November 29, 2010

Kids Cook Monday and the Feudal System

It's Monday!  That means the kids are cooking (sort of.  Maybe assembling is a better term for what we did today)!  Haven made the video alone last week, so Hunter wanted a turn.  I have to admit that despite our commitment to the Kids Cook Monday movement,I have no plans to cook ANYTHING until the Thanksgiving food is gone!  Well, that's mostly the case.  Anyway, in honor of using leftovers and having something that Hunter could make by himself, Hunter is about to show you how to make a turkey sandwich - because everyone needs to know how to do that, right?  He even made all the editing decisions on the video!  Very sparkly!

I know this sort of thing isn't what most people are doing for the Kids Cook Monday initiative, but you know?  The purpose of the whole thing is to get kids excited about cooking and Hunter was really excited about this turkey sandwich.  For my kids, getting to make the videos is some serious incentive for getting into the cooking action!  And you know, you don't have to be invited to get on the bandwagon!  When we were contacted by the fine folks at the Kids Cook Monday, they said to invite any other bloggers to join in the action!  So hop in and make some food!

In addition to being Kids Cook Monday, it was also our first day looking at the Feudal System!  We were all sad to say goodbye to Vikings, but we managed to have some fun without them.  We made a little movie with a castle that Hannah Jane colored for her K-12 studies and some paper puppets that I sketched (no laughing!).  Check it out!  And crank the volume because the boys are a little hard to hear, but oh so cute!

Hunter was so excited about playing the knight!  I gave him an entire little rant about becoming a knight, but he was so excited, all he could say was, "I've always wanted to be a knight!  I'm in!"  And it's true.  He has always wanted to be a knight.  Sometimes dreams do come true!

Haven cracked me up saying, "I'm afraid my enemies are going to kill me!"  It's not every day you hear a 3 year old say those words.  Although, now I'm sure he'll say something like that in front of grandma and she'll wonder what we're letting the kids watch on tv!  It's always history lessons that cause them to sound like they play violent video games all day!  Ya know?

Tomorrow the plan is to make a catapult or two and have a marshmallow war!!!

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