November 22, 2010

Kids Cook Monday and snow science

Before I get to the usual video, let me just tell you about our strange kitchen adventures this morning.  We were sitting around the breakfast bar deliberating on what we should do for KCM this week, when I heard the distinct sound of a mouse in the pantry.  I hushed everyone and listened.  I crept to the pantry and whipped open the door.  We all looked with great anticipation... but saw nothing.  I checked the usual eaten items ( the brown rice bag, the oats...) and saw nothing.  I asked the kids to go fetch the mouse traps.  I can't stand the thought of a mouse in the pantry!

While I'm rooting around in the pantry placing glue traps in every corner, I heard it again!  What sort of mouse would have the guts to root around with me right there?  I couldn't believe my ears.  I'm taking things off of shelves, lifting every item.  Nothing.  Then, as I moved the recycling can, there it was.

It had fallen into the recycling container from a higher shelf and gotten stuck!  And now here it was stuck between a Ritz cracker box and some crumbs that had fallen along with it from the dry foods shelf!  Poor, cute little thing!  It was a cryin' shame I was about to have to toss it out in the snow!

The kids, after proposing we keep it in a jar, we dissect it (crazy home school kids) or we just allow it to live in our pantry and say hi from time to time, finally reminded me about the last mouse that I released outside our door.  It ran straight around the house and found its way back in!  So we must release it far away!

So we suited up and went on a mission to release our little friend back into its natural habitat!  There's a wooded area down the street, not to close to any neighbor's house, where we thought the little fella could find a nice burrow of mice to befriend for the winter.  Hannah Jane was worried that he'd freeze to death, so I asked her to trust me for now and release the little fella and I'd guide her through a science activity later in the day that would prove to her that the mouse would be fine in a burrow.  She agreed and carried the recycling can down the street with brother hopping along behind her.  Hunter had volunteered to carry the can, but as soon as he oicked it up, the mouse jumped and he flipped out and happily handed the duty over to big sister!

The mouse scurried out of the can as we stood around.  I can believe how long he stood there and looked at us before he scurried off!

But he quickly found a little burrow under some leaves in the snow and he was gone!  The kids skipped home and asked to play in the snow instead of getting right to school work and I went for it.

Soon enough, Haven was in, cold nose and frozen toes, and asked if he could do kids cook Monday on his own!  I thought, why not and asked what he wanted to do.  He chose his favorite banana ring game!  Not exactly a recipe, but cute and healthy food related.  So bear with us as Haven embarks on his first Tot-style kids cook Monday video!

Later in the day, Hannah Jane reminded me of my promise to show her proof that the mouse would be warm enough.  I pulled out the thermometer, pulled on my snow gear, and we headed out to conduct our scientific testing!

I had her find some places that looked like the "burrow" that the mouse had slipped into.  She stuck the thermometer in and waited.  51 degrees.

Then we sat it on the bench in the open air.  36 degrees!  Proof! 

So that's our Monday!  Kids cooking and all!

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