November 8, 2010

Kids Cook Monday: Easy lunch

Lunch is one of the best times to let the kids do for themselves.  By lunch time, I'm ready for a little break, and the kids are ready to do something a little different.  This is often Hannah Jane's time to serve the family by making lunch while mom is busy cleaning up after school time, folding laundry, or returning the calls I didn't answer during school time. 

I gotta' say that kids who have been helping with meals their entire life are completely capable of cooking their own lunch.  That is, if you trust them with the microwave.  I  must admit that I always thought of the microwave as this magical machine that allows my kids to cook for themselves by the age of 4, but this weekend I met an 11 year old who is not allowed near the microwave.  So, I'm going to have to take a poll and find out if I'm the only mom who allows the preschoolers free reign over the microwave.  They know the rules:  no metal, if it smells black take it out, if something explodes just unplug it and don't open the door till mommy is there with goggles on (that last rule is the result of many egg explosions).

Anyway, if you're the type to let the kids nuke food, they can totally feed themselves while you take a minute off your feet.  Plus, this allows them to get a taste of service at a young age.  All 3 of my kids completely delight in treating mom to a work free lunch (mean I don't cook it.  Not meaning I don't clean it!).
Today they made cheese quesadillas with corn, sour cream, and a side of peas.  All of the cans had been opened during previous meals so they didn't have to fumble with the can opener, and all of the rest was easily accessible in the fridge. 
Kid Steps to easy cheesy lunch
1.  Place tortilla on plate
2. sprinkle with cheese
3. spoon on corn
4. nuke for half a minute
5. take out and fold over
6. dab sour cream on the side for dipping
7. pour peas into a bowl and nuke for a minute
8. serve on plates
9. enjoy!

Hannah Jane explained to the boys that you MUST have something green at every meal (as if we always do that!  Ha!) and that you need dairy from the sour cream, but not too much dairy.  Crack me  up!  Never mind that the cheese is dairy!  Anyway, she's trying and I'm glad to see her thinking about a well balanced meal (sort of).

So let your kids help you until they have a small variety of things they can make for themselves.  It's a real life saver when time gets tight!  And a great way to serve others even when they're really small!

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  1. I like quesadillas!

    Quesadilla = queso + tortilla.
    It literally means cheese tortilla.


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