November 6, 2010

Science Party!

Last Thursday we had a couple of families over for a science party!  It went even  better than I had imagined, and we made an even bigger mess than I had imagined!  Totally worth it, if you ask me (not so much if you ask my husband)!
 Okay, I just have to say that when our pint sized scientist, Delilah, looks up at the camera with those sparkly little eyes when the song says that if you're scientifically literate, the world looks very different, it just strikes me.  She and her sisters are so inquisitive and spirited that I know that little girl sees the world in her own fabulous way!

If you love the music (and I confess that I listen to science music all the time) it's by symphony of science and you can download it for free, along with a host of other science lectures put to music, here.

So, the itenerary at our party looked a little something like this:
~Each kid was fingerprinted and made an ID that made them official "Authorized personnel" for the Christison Labs.  I didn't notice until much later that I had been "Sutherized Personnel" all day!  Ooops!

~We acted out the particles in the states of matter.  If you know me at all, you know that's my fave thing to do with kiddos!

~We did the vinegar and baking soda thing to blow up a balloon on a bottle.

~We brought in the swimming pool and made oobleck (non-newtonian solid/liquid) to walk on.

~We did a magic trick with polymers from a torn up diaper.

~We electrocuted a pickle and then learned about how that same technology is the foundation for the new, cutting edge OLED screens that you can see here.

~Then Sarah cut up our gummy brain for the kids to snack on while they had free play in the slime in the yard!

What a totally fun day!  My kids even voluntarily cleaned up the mess on the front steps when everyone left!  Can't beat that!


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