November 11, 2010

Space Education

Yesterday we had the good fortune of having 4 members of USU's GAS team come and talk to a group of home schoolers about states of matter and performing experiments in microgravity.  Members of the team made a proposal to NASA and were chosen to carry out a study of boiling water in differing levels of gravity in a plane that flew in a rapid succession of parabolic units over Dallas about 5 months ago and they shared a little bit about that experience with the group as well as some neat science demonstrations.

My kids were stoked about the visit.  Haven got on his space cape and sat on the couch eagerly awaiting their arrival.  So eager, he wore himself out and fell over into a deep space sleep.  The kids came, the space team came, they crowded around him and did their thing, and they left.  About 30  minutes after the show was over, he woke up and wanted to know when the space people would get here.  He cried his eyes out when I said that he had slept through it.  Poor kid!  If you watch in the video, you'll see him asleep behind kids on the couch.  So sad.

I was thrilled when I saw them toting a speaker and cornstarch.  I knew it was for an oobleck monster and I was so excited to finally see that carried out in person.  The team was kind enough to explain to me how we could make our own at home.  YAY!!!!

We had such a great time, learned a lot, and got a bunch of kids really excited about science!  The team reassured the kids that all of the grueling and seemingly unconnected math and science that they are learning now will come together and make total sense in the context of the bigger things like rocket building and space explorations.  It's all important foundational info! 

So a big thank you to the USU GAS Team for taking the time to hang out with our kids for an afternoon and get them super pumped about science.  One kids mom told me that on the way in the way in, her 4 year old was chanting, "Science it the best! Yes!  Science is the Best!"  I'd call that a big old Mission Accomplished!!!!

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