December 11, 2010

Christmas on the Hollow!!!

Last night was our neighborhood (or ward maybe?) Christmas party!  Big fun!  We've been looking forward to this for weeks!!!

We waited in the driveway for the wagons to come by and pick us up.   Soon we could hear the singing and climbed on board for a trip down the road to Gayla's barn!  There were song sheets for everyone and one man did his best to convince everyone to sing the same song at the same time!  But with a bunch of tweens on the back of the wagon, he was fighting a losing battle!  LOL!  Soon our wagon was full and I looked ahead and could see that we were in a line of wagons, all filled to the brim with neighbors!  Jason dropped us at the barn and went back for more people!

There was a nativity scene, a bon fire, and a barn filled with friends and neighbors, complete strangers, and kids, kids, kids!  We met a home schooling family that lives on our road and has kids all my kids' ages!  Yay!!! 

The kids were all climbing in the hay stacks, swinging from the rafters!  My boys were quite pleased to just hang out in the vicinity of the big  boys and eat their candy.  And there was a horse at the back that occupied their attention for quite some time.

Hannah Jane and Madison were attached at the hip all night!  I was happy to see that even when there are church friends and school friends around, those two are still BFFs!  No matter where I went in that crowd, I could always hear Madison yelling, "Hannah!  Over here!"  Madison slept over and the giggles and fun rang through the house until about 10:30!  Hannah Jane's latest night ever, but totally worth it to see her so happy!

There were tables of goodies and change jars for the food bank!

Soon the nativity scene filled up with young people who stood there silently as the Christmas story filled the air from giant speakers. 

Then Jason, knowing what early to bed dorks we are, gave us a heads up that the first wagons were heading out to take people home.  We jumped on and headed home for camp out night in the living room with one extra little person!

What a great evening!  I hope they do this every year! 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience!! I actually told Toni (I'm assuming that's the homeschool mom you met) about you months ago, so I'm super excited you finally met; she is about the sweetest woman around & I'm sure you'll get along well with each other!! (And if you met another homeschooling family, well then I'd better do my job and introduce you to Toni soon!) ;)

    Also, if you ever want 2 similar Christmas experiences, the city of Nibley puts on a comparable event (including food pantry donations, live nativity and wagon ride) at the old Morgan farm each year (on 800 W.). It was last weekend.


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