December 18, 2010

Hunter's Big Night!

Sweet Hunter had the best day today, followed by the best evening ever.  Well, everyone had a great night, but Hunter tends to sometimes avoid the big activities and choose instead to have his own parallel play space where he's in the vicinity, but not actually participating in what the family is up to.  But not tonight!

Tonight Hunter told us a fantastic story about a time when every where he stepped, he stepped on money.  So he bought a ton of wallets and filled them with the money and handed them out to all of his friends.  But then he met a homeless boy who "didn't have any house or family or love" and so he filled a wallet for the boy, took him to a restaurant and bought him ice cream, and then made Wal-Mart stay open just for the boy so he could buy everything he didn't have.  Then a tree fell on the house and so they called a giant horse to move the tree and we all had a hike in the snow.  The end.  It was so great to hear him so excited and enjoying being at the center of attention.

A little later we all started cutting up paper snowflakes at the dinning room table.  I'm not sure how we got started on this little activity, but Joe made one for Hannah Jane, then she had to make one, then I felt the need to make one of my own and pretty soon the dining room was covered in tiny rectangles of copy paper and we had an avalanche of paper flakes.

Hunter asked if he could hang them from yarn and I said, "Well, it's pretty high and you'd have to be able to tie knts, so let mommy do it.  You can be my helper and hand me the flakes."  But he pulled up a chair and insisted that he could.  So I stepped aside.  He did it!  None of them were actually knotted (I came back and fixed that after he went to bed) but the yarn was looped enough times that the flakes clung on for dear life and he beamed! 

There was a good 20 minutes of alternating bursts of extreme focus and sheer pride with each flake that stayed up.  He did it!  A full row of paper flakes strung from the ledge that separates the dining room from the sun room.  We all cheered him on as he spent the next few minutes running laps back and forth between the rooms trying to jump up and tag the flakes.  It was adorable.

It may all sound fairly routine and no big deal, but for little Hunter who never seeks the lime light and never tries much that he stands a chance at not being able to do, it was a big night!  We all had so much fun just sitting back and soaking in some major Hunter-Roo time! 

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