December 16, 2010

Snowflake Art!

We were inspired to get messy today!  Big time!  Our math lesson today was on volume and it called for us to press a cube down into some playdough.  But we didn't have any playdough so I had to make some real fast.  I tried a different recipe because it promised that we could bake our sculptures and keep them forever (once we were done with math, of course).  But the recipe made a dough that quickly turned to powder, which made it look like it had snowed in the kitchen.  That set us to thinking about snow, which led to big time art!

First we went for a nice nature inspired activity.  I taped six fall leaves to a piece of poster board (because all snow flakes have 6 sides , ya know!) and then we taped a piece of copy paper over it.  the symmetry of the traditional leaf rubbing, multiplied by 6 makes a fabulous base for a snow flake painting.  Hannah Jane and I took turns rubbing it with oil pastels turned on their sides to get a beautiful, vainey, snowflake outline.  Then we used finger paints and water colors to pain in some details.
 The paint won't mess with the oil pastel, so we got a nice layered effect!  Gorgeous!

 This was Hannah Jane's favorite masterpiece!

The boys were in no way interested in this activity.  But they love getting their hand's messy, so we did a masking tape technique for Haven and, well...Hunter did his own thing.  We'll call his piece boyhood in blue.

 I used strips of masking tape to make a snowflake pattern on Haven's poster board and he blurred finger paint all over it, let it dry, and enjoyed his creation.  Hannah Jane did her tape herself, and as I'm sure you can guess, her's is the one with pink!

 In the end, everyone got very messy, had a ton of fun, and now we have some nice winter decor for the school room!  Yay!!!

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