December 12, 2010

Solstice plans

Today at feast, my adorable friend Lauren began asking Hannah Jane about the upcoming solstice.  Hannah Jane looked at her in a way that said loud and clear, "I have no clue what solstice is, lady."  Though we've talked about it, maybe lit a candle from time to time, we've yet to do it up big.  Shameful.  I know.

Lauren went on, even after Hannah Jane wandered off, telling me that the full lunar eclipse is on the solstice this year and that means major energy!  Okay, so here I must admit that I've never been into the whole energy, new age, astrological whatever you call it, but I'm forever finding that people whom I admire, who seem down to earth, and who really see this as serious business.  Being the consummate scientist that I am, I have never given it much thought- if only because science alone provides me with such wonder that there's never been a need to look elsewhere. But I find myself now among people who do. 

Anyway, Lauren went on about this woman she knows who really feels like the building energy on the solstice this year, combined with the eclipse, will bring about change for the better in people who have previously been holding on to doom and gloom. 

As I type this I am still a skeptic (a skeptic who would love to believe, by the way, and would love to see something scientific that gives clout to all of this because my dear new age friends are so enchanting that I'd like to stand among them as someone other than the nay sayer) but from a sociological and historical standpoint, I'm still finding a lot to be excited over with the solstice stuff. 

Plus, there's the whole love of all things Waldorfian that draws me to want to do something big and memorable with the kids this year for solstice.  I'm slowly concocting a plan in  my mind for a very few near and dear home school families who are into the whole fringe solstice sort of thing to come over for a little shindig.  I'm thinking dinner of warm stew around a sunset bon fire, solstice poetry and songs, a lantern walk with home made water colored lanterns through the field to go visit the animals after dark, and then coming home to build a model of Stonehenge out of cookies. 

Nothing big but the memories.  These are magical years for the littles, so why pass over a chance to celebrate something held sacred by the ancients when you could jump in and have a time?  So wish me luck as I try to map out a plan and get friends (and an equally skeptical husband) on board!


  1. I forwarded this on to Cory, who may have some fun, crafty suggestions!


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