December 25, 2010


Well, it came and it went.  Yup.  Christmas.  I do love me some Christmas cheer, but I dread the looming materialism and potential for self centeredness in the name of the perfect holiday.  It's hard to be a kid who remembers her manners in the face of the seasonal excess, and it's hard not to look like a grinch for not wanting to inundate them with expensive things they'll forget in a week.  But I think I played it mellow this year and was really able to enjoy watching them play.  I stepped out of over protective mom mode and just relaxed.  It shaped up to be a wonderful day filled with family time and creativity.

Last night there were cookies to be made for Santa, high energy flying treats for the reindeer, and family gifts to be exchanged.

This morning there were more family gift from grandparents, Santa gifts, and call to family.  Once the frenzy wore off, there were science projects.  Hannah Jane got a Smithsonian science kit from Granny with mining for gems, crystal growing, and volcano making.  She did it ALL in a matter of hours.  The science seems like it was her favorite thing.  No matter how many times she was pulled away from it, she always came back for more.

For the boys, it was all about Star Wars and Transformers.  I don't know how or when these 2 things snuck into the house, but they were the hits of the day.  Everyone got a light saber from Pa, the boys both got talking helmets and the coordinating hand gear.  They were surprisingly adorable.  Joe spent the day playing super villain to the boys' super hero needs.  They even made a movie with Joe in which they refuse to join the dark side and slay Joe just after he proclaims that evil never dies.  The first time I heard him deliver that line, I protested that I did not want my kids hearing such junk.  He laughed it off, and the next time he said that, all of the kids yelled, "That's not true!  Evil never wins!  The good guys win and you know it!"  He looked quite pleased with himself, as if feeding them the negative caused them to declare the positive.  I'm not convinced.

And there was craft-a-palooza when the kids painted their wooden lizards, molded their moon dough, and we all had a little playdough time.  Joe made an amazing scene of 2 dragons fighting.  I had no idea he could rock the playdough like he did.  Hannah Jane made a boy fishing for trout and a pea pod, Hunter made hearts and a dear habitat, and I made a fairy. 

After a full day of non-stop play time, the kids resisted sleep but eventually settled into the living room floor on in their new snuggies and sleeping bags, with their pillow pets with a large T-Rex guarding them through the night.  Merry Christmas, friends. And sweet dream wishes from T-rex and me!

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