January 30, 2011

Hunter-Roo is 5!!!!

My handsome little Roo turned 5 on Friday!  We didn't do it up too big because he's a subdued little dude.  We offered a big bash, but he simply wanted his one best little friend over for cake and a trip to Fun Park.  That's my guy.  Never a big deal about a thing.

When we went to pick out the cake, he picked a tractor motif on a bunch of scrunched up cup cakes.  The woman informed me that they only do the tractor theme on sets of 24 cupcakes.  One guest plus our family makes for 6 potential cake eater and we were stuck with 24 whole cupcakes.  But he asks for so very little, I chunked over the change for the massive cake for our tiny party and was happy that he was happy. 

A couple of grandparents sent cash for him to pick out a gift, so on the eve of his big day we took him to the store for a little shopping spree.  He had plenty to spend, but he picked a $5 toy and called it a day.  Joe said he felt like we should make him get something more, but he knew what he wanted and didn't have any concept that it was a cheap novelty toy that was probably intended as a party favor and not the actual gift.  He was happy.

On the big day we made cookies and cream pancakes because one of the local Baha'is has a thing for giving a candy bar or cookie gift to everyone on their birthdays and Hunter received a little canister of Oreos which we wanted me to somehow incorporate into his breakfast.  I crunched them up in a bag and he poured them into the batter.  They were mighty yummy!

At some point in the day he decided that he needed a crown for the occasion so I ran down to my sewing area and came back with a little something that he was quite pleased with.  But he advised that it should say King Hunter right smack in the middle and of course it wasn't really a crown without gems on it.  Back down I went.  When I came up with my latest offering, he beamed and bowed his head for me to put it on.  He wore that crown all day, except when he did laser tag.  When he took it off, his hair was spiked up in the front (crown head!) in such a cute little grown up way.  I loved it.  I think we're going to start spiking on a daily basis!

Journie came over for pizza, cake, and presents and then it was off to Fun Park to meet Joe.  They ran around the playground forever.  Up the tubes, down the slide and over again!  Then it was laser tage for everyone except Journie and myself.  She was going to play a game with me instead, then she wanted to do it and got all geared up, and then on look inside and she was done.  She and I stood outside where we could watch everyone else on a tv screen as they ran around the dark maze.  We played some games, won some prizes, and headed off to take Journie home.

On the way home, Hunter asked if for his last birthday wish, we would take him to Sam's Club for sample and not buy anything.  Meaning could we not deviate from his mission of sample gathering in the name of actually shopping for groceries.  We indulged.  In the end he consented to letting me buy a bag of dried cranberries and chicken sandwiches since they were items he wanted anyway.

At home we did our family gifts and had a round of cupcakes for last snack since Joe had missed round one.  Got 'em all sugared up and then sent them to bed.  Mwa-ha-ha!!!

That was how little man spent his big day.  As king of the world, or so he thought.  I just love that little guy.  So mellow and easy going.  So grown up.  So five years old.  No matter how big he gets, I think I'll always see him as the baby who wouldn't put on weight, who was always sick no matter what we tried, who was so very sensitive to his environment.  But every now and then I'm faced with the reality that he's now super strong, independent, and thriving.  That he doesn't quite need me like he once did.  He's his own little man and I just get to sit back and watch him go!  Thank goodness he can't cook on his own yet, or I'd be totally out of the picture!

Happy Birthday little, Roo!  I love you!

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  1. Anonymous30.1.11

    You, sweet Momma-Skyla, will NEVER be "out of the picture" for any of your little angells as long as they live. ///D


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