January 13, 2011

Join Me for a Game of Catch Up!

Geez!  How long has it been?  Too ling, I'd say!  I've missed you all!  So much has been going on that this is destined to be a jumbled post with no theme other than it's complete randomness!

My mom was here for 2 days longer than she expected.  We had a lovely visit.  Then snow in Atlanta, where her connecting flight home would be, launched a string of seemingly unending texts, calls, and e-mails all indicating flight changes.  TONS of flight changes.  The poor shuttle people!  I know we called to reschedule at least 7 times!  Finally, we're sitting in a Chick-Fil-A for dinner when the shuttle company calls to confirm her drive for the next morning.  Boy, oh  boy!  She said, "No.  I'm not supposed to drive out at 6am for a midnight flight!  There must be a later flight!"  To which Joe replies, "Wait.  Kate?  did you say 12:50 am on the 12th?  Kate!  That's not tomorrow night!  That's tonight just after midnight!"  Mom calls the shuttle people to se if they have another shuttle leaving tonight, jokingly offers to pay them double since this is the bazillionth time she's rescheduled, and Joe pulls the kids off the playground so we can fly home to gather mom's things.  Can you say CHAOS????  In the end, she still got stuck in Atlanta, hitched a ride with a few strangers who also had to get home pronto and shared a rental car and company. 

Since then we've been trying to get back into a groove, which is actually quite pointless.  Tomorrow Joe will fly out to pick up his mom and aunt in California and drive them back here.  We're getting Joe's dad's truck, hence the wacky travel plan.  Then Jamma and Aunt Jeanie will fly back some time next week.

Saturday is the first day Hannah Jane can sell girl scout cookies.  Did I mention that she's a scout now?  Well, she is!  Hooray!  And on Saturday she's officially open for business.  This means that while Joe is on the road getting his family here, we'll be up in the hills going door to door, cramming in sales time before family arrives.  Because let's face it.  Once a person has bought cookies from one kids, they're less likely to buy from another kid.  Right?  And it would be rude to ditch out of town guests to sell cookies.  Hence, day one is her only chance to sell, sell, sell.  Later there will be booth sales, but I'm not sure how the cookie crumbles on credit for those and this little girl has her goal set at 300 boxes.  I can't even envision her coming close to that, but apparently she tried to set it at 900, her leader told her to be more realistic so she dropped it to 300, which her leader deemed to be an attainable goal.  No pressure, right?  Haha!

Let's see.  What else have you missed?  Well, Hunter won $100 for his Waterford Institute online preschool program usage.  Apparently no one meets their time commitment during December, so they offered incentive that the kid with the highest usage would get $100 to spend at Wal-Mart.  Hunter fell short of his days (only doing it 4 day most weeks in December) but still won the prize.  All he wanted to do was go to the Dollar Store, so he asked that he and his siblings get to pick any one thing from the Dollar Store instead of using his $100 at Wal-Mart.  Maybe before Christmas, this would have been a bigger deal.  With all the new toys from the holidays, he didn't much care about it.  So...Grocery money!  Thanks, Hunter, for helping to support the family!  LOL!

We've been rocking the Waldorf math lessons and everyone is so excited about math again.  The boys whine when we're done.  Nice!  Girl Scout patch activities have begun to supplement our home schooling.  There are a surprising range of educational activities in there.  It's like really random curriculum.  So Hannah Jane has been a girl scout for about a week and a half and she's already earned 4 patches.

Sweet little reluctant reader, Hannah Jane, has got 2 new things that she will read without being asked now.  The patch guide book is one.  I said that she could earn whatever patch she wanted, but she was on her own as far as reading the guide and figuring out what she needed to do to get them.  Shock of shocks, she read through a ton of pages and then came to me with a list of supplies that she needed.

Also, we found this book called Bull Run, which is not really a story but a ton of 1 or 2 page accounts of the Battle of Bull run from tons of different people's perspectives.  There are slaves, Northerners, Southerners, Orphans, Ladies of Luxury, etc.  They all have a different view of the war and the battle.  Each account is short enough to be an easy read, but it's packed with odd words from different dialects and accents so we're getting a lot of vocab from it!  She is so into it.  It's way out of order in our history studies (we're stuck in the Middle Ages) but I'm not even going to mention it other than showing her a time line so that she can see that this was in fact not gong on hereon our continent while the crusades were going on elsewhere.  Of course battle talk sucks the boys in and so I think we're about to launch into a full on Civil War unit with the kids leading the way.  They're asking me to find things on the map, asking what state was in what side.  It's fabulous!

I'm thinking that about sums it up.  Wish us luck in surviving this hectic time of company and cookie sales, battles and math gnomes.  Big fun!

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  1. We have a book about the Battle at Bull Run, since we lived so close to it. I'm sure my dad would let you borrow it if you're interested.


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