January 24, 2011

Kids Cook Monday

Okay, so we've flopped on the Kids Cook Monday thing as of late.  This is not going to be the kind of thing we start and don't finish.  But it is the kind of thing I'm not gonig to flip out over when times are busy.  I gotta say that the video business was just a little overwhelming when life got crazy.  We've had an endless string of family in town, new school programs, and holiday chaos.  All of that is behind us now, so I'm thinking we'll get back in there and make Monday our fun cooking day again.

I know lots of you were tuning in for the weekly fun, and we've loved getting your e-mails.  I share them with the kids and they feel like cooking rock stars!  We'll jump back in full swing next week, but for now I wanted to share with you a video that came to my inbox from a project associate over at the Kids Cook Monday offices?  cubicles?  building?  I have no idea, really, where the Kids Cook People reside officially, but that's beside the point.  You may remember that this is an initiative from Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, and Newhouse School, as are the Healthy Monday and Meatless Monday campaignes.  Well Columbia, it seems, has created a community class for families from the initiative and it's awesome and adorable seeing all the little kids with their chefs hats,  logo stickers all over their tiny faces as they eat arugula.  I still don't even know what arugula is, but they do!  Way to go kiddos!  So check them out and start thinking of new ways you can get your family excited about eating healthier!

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