January 21, 2011

Super Easy Valentine Decor to Celebrate the Little Ones You Love

A few months back I finally got so fed up enough with the giant blank wall in my dining room that I did something about it.  That said, non-committal me put up empty frames with cute oil rubbed bronze hooks in them so that I could just constantly swap out what was on the wall. Best decorating decision I ever made!

Well, goodbye Christmas decor and hello Valentines!  I love love.  Really, I do.  What is better than love?  Yeah.  Nothing!  And I love those beautiful babies I've been blessed with and wanted to do something to show them how special they are during the loviest (so what if I just made up another word?  My blog.  My words!) season of all.  I am so thrilled with the results!

First I found a super cute pic of each of the kids and then edited them in photoscape (free and sun downloadable photo editing software).  I cropped the faces, made them sepia toned, and then added the oil paining effect.

Next I printed them onto transfer paper that lets you iron the image onto fabric.  Easy enough.  I ironed the images on to squares of cheap cream colored fabric.  Then I stitched the squares on to a rectangle of red patterned fabric, folded the top of the red over and stitched again so that I had a place to slide a dowel rod through the top.  Both fabrics were fat quarters from Wal-Mart and cost under a buck for the whole project's worth.

Finally I hand stitched little hearts and their initials, painted hearts and sets of X's and O's, and stuck some antiquish paper rose buds on each one.  My personal opinion is that the hand embroidery, if you can even call it that, looks best when it wanders on and off the image.   They are all slightly different, but perfectly coordinated.  I didn't hem edges, cut off threads, or spend too much time making things perfectly centered or straight.  It's got a certain charm about it when things look perfectly hand done, meaning not too perfect. 

I ran a small craft dowel that I had left over from when Hannah Jane made her own knitting needles through the top of each one, in the pocket that was made by folding and sewing across the top.  Then tied fancy red ribbon to each side and hung them in my fabulous empty frames!

Okay, so this picture a bad.  It's dark and fuzzy, but I'm sick, the kids are asleep, and Haven throws up every time he wakes up so I'm not exactly going out of my way to get the perfect picture here.  I think you can get the point, though.  Am I right?


  1. Hope the little feels better soon, and those are SUPER cute!

  2. Aww, thanks. They're better, but I'm worse. Yuck. But at least I can look at my pretty Valentine's art and smile. Cough and smile.

  3. Feel better, Sky!


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