February 9, 2011

Art for Black History Month

I stumbled across a fabulous art teacher's blog a couple of weeks ago and she had a great art project for Black History Month.  We love doing art projects where we get to rip off famous artists, so this was right up our alley! Lois Mailou-Jones is the artist of the day!

I won't burden you with a long tutorial since you can find one here, but I will show you how I modified the activity for my younger kids.  It claims to be geared at the 4th grade level and we are certainly not artistic
prodigies over here, but it was so cool that I didn't let that stop us.

The steps that she shows to sketch, I went ahead and drew with black marker on the black construction paper for them.  It left a faint, but visible outline.  I then gave them a white crayon to trace what I had sketched with marker, making it more visible.  Tracing is a great stepping stone skill for handwriting, so I considered this a plus where the boys are concerned.

Then they used the picture on the web site to fill in the appropriate sectors of the face with the right colors.  A word to the wise, and maybe it states this on the web but I'm not much for fully reading directions, pastel colors show up much better on the black paper than primaries. 

Then my kids eventually ended up thinking that these should really be turned into masks and before I knew it, they had punched holes and gotten into my yarn and were chasing each other around the house in their masks.

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