February 8, 2011

Ayyam-i-Ha countdown calendar

It has begun!  The countdown to Ayyam-i-Ha is here and we've decided upon a new way to mark the time to the much anticipated Days of Ha!

To lay it all out there for ya, the Baha'i calendar consists of 19 months with 19 days in each month, leaving a few bonus days to complete the full solar year.  Each day and month is named for an attribute of God (Glory, Splendor, etc.). Check out how pretty the calendar is!
Gorgeous, huh???  If I were less mature, I'd engage in a little Haha!  My calendar is prettier than yours is!  But I'm far too grown up for that.  Maybe.  Anyway, the calendar is so pretty that it makes me happy just looking at it.

Okay, back to the countdown.  Those bonus days on the calendar are our Intercalary days, or Ayyam-i-Ha.  During those days we party, do lots of service projects, and give gifts.  It's a blast.  I made this cute little countdown calendar, which I suspect we'll just use every month from now on because I'm thinking it will be a really great tool for teaching not only quotes, but what all the Baha'i months and days are.  I imagine I'll be dead before I know them all and when they fall, being that I was raised all Gregorian and such!  But my kids have a shot at not blushing at every Feast when the question is asked, "Okay!  It's the Feast of Qwal.  Who knows what that means?"

I cut out pieces of cute scrap book paper to cover the surface of 19 clothes pins and glued them on.  Then I used cutesy hand writing to mark the name of each Baha'i month/day on the pins.  I cut out a circle, using a dinner plate as my guide, from a different front of scrap paper and then glued that on an identically sized piece of cardboard to give it some strength.  With me so far?

Next I laid out the clothes pins in order around the circle, moving them around until they looked fairly equally spaced.  A more mindful crafter could have used a protractor to make sure everything was perfect, but I was already a day late making this little stinker and I didn't want to lose time on perfectionism.  Once they looked good, I hot glued them in place.

I folded yet another patten of paper into 6ths, making a rectangular pocket, and glued that smack dab in the middle.  This pocket will hold treats!!!!

Finally, I whipped out my handy dandy Feast of the Soul book that a friend gave me as a going away gift when I departed from dear old Eugene, OR and pulled out a short snipit of a related quote for each attribute.  I printed those on construction paper, cut them into amoeba like shapes, and then clipped the quotes in their corresponding clothes pins.

The result looks like a giant,kind of tacky flower.  Perhaps next year I'll capitalize on that and make the quotes on flower petal shaped pieces of paper.  For this year, in crunch time, I'm quite happy with the results.

Each evening at sunset we'll sit down as a family to read and discuss a quote over dum-dums or Pocky sticks.  When we run out of quotes, it's time to celebrate the Days of Ha!


  1. LOVE this! Would you mind if I use a pic please and link back to your blog? :-)

  2. Chelsea, of course that would be wonderful! I have a fantastic new countdown calendar in the works for this year, but it involves quilting quilting a giant peacock whose individual feathers are pockets to hold little Ayyam-i-Ha planning scrolls and with our bout with the flu, I'm just not seeing how I'm ever going to get it done in time. It's pieced and ready for quilting, but I'm just not seeing it happen by Tuesday. But...keep your fingers crossed for me and maybe I'll have another cool example up here in the next day or so. Thank you for sharing our ideas!!!


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