February 28, 2011

Kids Cook Monday: Baked Bananas

Today for Kids Cook Monday we made a simple and healthy snack from Guatemala.  Seriously, you already have all of these ingredients in your kitchen and the kids can make it all on their own with the exception of using the oven.  It almost seemed too easy to share, but isn't that the goal when cooking with kids?  Healthy and easy?

As usual, the boys thought it was the greatest thing and Miss Hannah Jane decided that she would die if forced to eat all of these yummy ingredients mixed together!  LOL!  "I like honey, love butter, and bananas are alright.  But together, mom?  really?"  Personally I love fruit, but  during these seemingly unending winter months I want something warm for a snack.  This was just the ticket!

Again, the recipes we're using for this cooking series are coming from the UNICEF the Little Cooks Cookbook!

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  1. Looks good but I can relate to what Hannah said :)


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