February 6, 2011

Snuggly Sunday

I love Sunday mornings.  The kids usually sleep in later, the coffee pot is generally a little fuller, and there's time in the mornings for silly things like scouring the web for new craft projects and checking in on the state of the world, which this week means seeing if Egypt still actually exists. 

But this Sunday morning, I have a new favorite thing.  I made it on Friday while I waited for the boys to get out of speech.  It's a warm and snugly coffee/tea cozy! 

How cute is that?  A few months back I fell in love with these cups that look like the disposable Starbucks cups (I have no love for Starbucks, but their cups are darling) but are nice and insulated and reusable.  So darn cute! And just when I thought I couldn't love my cups a smidge more, I knit them a little cozy and the impossible is realized.  Pure morning perfection. 

It's a little hint of luxury for my most simple morning routine.  Joe laughs at me as I sit in my jammies in the sun room, gazing at my cup cozy with sheer admiration and pride.  But I can take it.  This is cup love and I don't care who knows.  It's the little things in life, ya know?

If you want to make one, it knitted it with single threads of cookies and cream fleck yarn by lion brand on the blue sized knifty knitter loom.  It's so easy and cute that Haven is currently knitting himself an orange cream sickle milk cozy!  Haha!  I made mine in about 20 minutes, but his will no doubt take a month or two.  A new Christison family pass time.  Soon Joe will be begging for one!


  1. Haven is knitting? Wow!

  2. On a loom. It's pretty easy on a loom.


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