February 1, 2011

Tree House Museum

Okay, so I know I said we restart Kids Cook Monday this week.  And I fully intended to.  Really, I did.  But our friends gave us a membership to an awesome museum in Ogeden for Christmas and then invited us to go with them on Monday.  What can ya do?  And it was awesome!!!  Here is the highlight reel.

 There was a room full of percussion instruments.  I thought the boys would like that more, and perhaps they would had they not had a very eager tour guide.  But still, a cute pic is a cute pic.  Right?

 Alas, none of my kids were able to remove the sword from the stone.  But that didn't stop them from feeling like royalty!

 Hannah Jane patiently worked on what we're calling a replica of a window in the Hagia Sophia.  It didn't say that was where the window was from, and admittedly it looks very much like the window in the National cathedral in DC, but since we were in the Middle Ages room, we're going with the Hagia Sophia.

 Like I said, they still cavorted around like royalty despite the lack of sword. 

 Hunter made a mess of the giant chess board, much to the dismay of our friend Kai who is a child chess prodigy (okay, well I don't actually know if he's any good, but he at least knows what the pieces do and for his age, that makes him a prodigy in my mind).

 After jumbling up the big board, he moved on to jumble the little one.  What?  That's not how you play?

 While Hunter, um, played chess, Hannah Jane and Haven put on quite a show in the costume area.

They traveled to space.

 As a team.

 They rode bucking Broncos in the rodeo.

 The crowd went wild for Hunter!

 There were cows that needed to be milked.  Real water came out and the kids thought it was just the best thing ever until their clothes got wet.

 We pow-wowed.

 Of course the home schooled kids lingered long in the school room.  I heard one grandma telling a little boy, "There's the school house!  You can go in and play school with those other kids."  He looked at her like she was nuts and moved on to the teepee. 

 Maybe I need to buy chalk boards to get Haven to work on his handwriting.  He never wants to write, but he rocked the little chalk board with H's.

 We had a Mad Hatter hamburger party.

 Made some Native American head wear.

 And explored China for a while.
Once everyone had put out the museum fire, it was time to head home. 

What a fun day in Ogden with friends!  And what an amazing gift!  Now we get to play at the Tree House museum any time we want for a year! 


  1. what an awesome museum! my boys looked at your pics too and loved it. so very fun.

  2. It is quite fun! A nice place for such a small town!


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