March 8, 2011

Cookies Anyone?

Hannah Jane's girl scout cookies came in on Friday!  That little girl sold her tail off and it really paid off!  She went into restaurants trying to get them to incorporate the cookies into a dessert item, and although none of them did, she quickly found that servers are loaded with small bills and have a weakness for a snack after serving food to other people all day.  She really racked up on server orders for cookie and that made delivery so easy!

In the end she sold 300 boxes even, with 30 some odd boxes of those for donations to the food bank and the old folks home!  That picture up there is just her boxes!  Pick up was kind of nuts, with boxes stacked everywhere you can imagine, tallying orders for different types of cookies.  I don't think we came home with the exact right amount of boxes, but luckily they spread the donation boxes across the different flavors and we were able to meet everyone's orders. 

We delivered all 300 boxes in about 2 hours, stopping for a hot dog lunch at Sam's in the middle.  Poor Hunter was wedged in between a bazillion boxes of cookie for most of the ride.  Can you imagine a worse fate as a 5 year old boy that to sit among all those cookie and only have 3 in your little snack bag?Can I just say how evil it is that cookies are delivered during the fast?  Pure evil.  Not only because I look at them in the kitchen all day, but because they are right there at night when I can eat for the first time after 12 hours!  I have literally put on 6 lbs during the fast!  What seemed impossible has happened.  A fattening fast, thanks to the cookie mobile!  Not that the fast has anything to do with weight loss,  still you're not expecting any gains during that time!

So they're almost all delivered.  All but our very next door neighbors.  We can't seem to catch them at home and we didn't want to leave their boxes on the porch.  We left a lot of boxes on doorsteps, but then it rained and we felt horrible!  At least the cookies are cello-wrapped inside the boxes.  But still.  Horrible!

So we've had fun watching Miss Hannah Jane work hard, speak bravely, and come up with new marketing strategies like hitting up waitresses with a big smile on her face.  While I hate selling things to people, especially through kids, I think this ended up being a valuable experience for her.  She really put her shy little self out there and saw how great the results were!

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