March 29, 2011

Crackme up moment of the day

So I'm laying in bed sick (SHOCK!)  when I hear singing in the bathroom.  I pressed my face to the crack in the half open door to catch a glimpse of complete comedy.  Had I been well, I'd have totally snagged you a picture of it with all inappropriate parts strategically blocked by a digital leaf or something.  Ready for this?

Haven is squatting on the toilet the way he does, with his feet on the seat and his rear end dropped down in the hole.  He's got our toilet paper stand, you know the tall, free standing toilet paper racks?  Well, he's got the to stand held up off the ground to his mouth like a microphone and he's singing these words:

Toilet Paper, toilet paper empty inside,
Toilet paper, toilet paper, don't you cry.

He sang them over, and over, and over again.  I assume he was done "going" long ago, but there he sat (or squatted) seemingly entranced by the little rhyme he'd made up, gently rocking on his heels as he sand into the toilet paper stand.

If you substituted any other word for toilet paper, it would sound like some tragic and emotional heart break song.  But alas, it was about toilet paper and it's hollow tube, I think.  Which is fitting because little impish Haven has gotten a fair share of bottom steps lately for unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper just to get the hollow tube to play with.  So much so that there is a grocery bag of toilet paper on the back of the potty that he has to use up before he's allowed to use toilet paper off the roll ever again.  You have no idea what a tragical punishment that is for him.  He's TP obsessed!

That was my happy moment of the day!  Hope it gave you a smile!


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